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Advocateinchandigarh is platform for the People; those are in search of an advocate for resolving their legal problem in High court Chandigarh. For a client, an advocate is a guide in legal field, without an advocate’s advice client can’t move a single step in legal field. An Advocate who assists, defends, or pleads for another; one who renders legal advice and aid and pleads the cause of another before a court. A person learned in the law, and duly admitted to practice, which assists his client with advice, and pleads for him in court. An Advocacy is very Knowledgeable and responsible profession. In legal profession, law will be change time to time and every case has different-different facts. Apart this, everyday an advocate has a new challenge to win a case for his client.



Advocateinchandigarh Providing legal services to our clients in best way. It is a fact, a client seeking a good advocate who understand his case and give best advice to him and represent his case in a best way before the court. On the other side an advocate seek a good case, in which advocate could devote his experience and knowledge i.e. a result oriented case.  A good result of case made a good relationship between client and advocate .Meaning is that a client needs a good advocate and an advocate need a good case.

Advocate in High Court Chandigarh

Our judicial system based upon the courts and workings of the Courts. In India Courts are divided mainly in four types 1. Lower Court, 2.  Session Court, 3. High Court, 4. Supreme Court of India. Once an advocate enrolled by the any state bar of council, he can be appear before the in court of India. Generally an advocate fixed an own area of practice according to his comfort level. In India (except Jammu & Kashmir) same law are applicable but processing of court is not same .Every state has choose different-different processing of court according and even district of the same state opted different work of processing .For example provision of Anticipatory of  bail is available in our state but in Uttar Pradesh it’s not .

Proceeding of high court

High Court doing the work as an appellant authority and due to this proceeding opted by the high court is different to the lower court. A very important thing in advocacy is advocate must know the working style of the Court (Here is meaning of court is Judge) before which the advocate will be appear. High Court has vest power and high court not just for follow the law but for making the law by passing judgment.


Advocateinchandigarh through this medium of technology trying to help the People to stop running from one advocate to another advocate for taking an advice or hiring an advocate in High Court Chandigarh for their cases. Because sometime, person not satisfied from the advice or professional behavior of the one advocate and he has to go for another advocate. Here, we are not a sole person. We are a team and we try to giving best service to our client and also try to giving knowledge through our blogs.

Free legal Advice

Advocateinchandigarh also providing the service of free legal advice on telephone and email.  If you need any legal assistance in any matter, you can either made a call or email us. Our expert gives you complete assistance in your matter and clears the view on legal issue.

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