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    Advocateinchandigarh is a team of practicing advocates of Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh. Advocateinchandigarh giving legal services to our clients since last many  years in the High Court Chandigarh. We are the team of experienced advocates of different age group including some designated Senior advocates also.


    There are various aspects to the advice we give our clients, aspects which in our experience are not only important but also give a holistic approach to the services we provide and help us maintain a successful professional relationships with our clients.

    We understand the importance of keeping our clients regularly informed of the progress and developments we are making on their legal affairs.

    Our client’s affairs are either handled personally or coordinated to provide continuity and overall responsibility.

    Consultancy services must be provided to meet time scales and deadlines. Opportunities are missed if delays are allowed to occur. Our lawyers, backed by an experienced, highly competent and professional team of support staff, make every effort to ensure that our clients’ timescales are met.

    Our role is not confined to advice upon the letter of the law. We provide practical advice and assistance to corporate and private clients alike. We give constructive advice aimed at providing clear guidance to our clients in order to make sound and informed decisions.

    To be a good advocate means to know what the law is and where the law will actually stand in favour of clients. Giving advice to the clients on different legal issues and finalizing different documentations on several legal matters is what the basic trait of a good advocate. And we strive to do exactly that. Your trust and our efforts ultimately give successful outcome.

    If you would like to contact us for any reason please call us 9914328749 or email us using advhighcourt14@gmail.com

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