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    How Can An Advocate Help In Court Marriage?

    When two individuals fall in love, factors such as religion or caste do not figure in their emotions. But when they decide to marry, it becomes a social issue and so other factors like religion, caste, nationality come into the picture.

    They may face either of two types of situations:

    • The couple will be able to convince their family the strength of their feelings for each other and how the marriage will make them happy. The parents may agree with them and give their whole hearted cooperation for their marriage. Thus, the issue is settled amicably among all involved.


    • The second situation is when the couple faces down right opposition from parents and family or community. The situation gets out of control with both parties facing each other with threats and intimidation. Often the couple has to elope and is chased by their relatives who are after their lives.


    The main issue in second case is difference in caste or religion. In the past, intercaste or interreligious marriages were very rare. So such conflicts were uncommon. But today society has changed. Due to economic reasons, men and women from different regions and religions are travelling across the country and coming to close contact with each other.


    So, it is natural that many fall in love despite difference in caste and religion. Right to equality and liberty as well as improved education are bringing together couples with different backgrounds. They are seeking to marry via Court marriages under the Special Marriage Act of 1954.


    Result? As there are more court marriages, helped by court marriage lawyers, the society is undergoing transformation. Intercaste and interreligious parents are encouraging their children to follow their suit. This frees our society from dogmas and superstitions.


    How to get married? Couple should first make an effort to convince their parents failing, which they must see support of some helpful relatives or friends. One important factor is that they must get hold of a good advocate for court marriage. The advocate will help in proper procedure for court marriage in Chandigarh.


    How can advocate help? When a couple are trying to get married without consent of family, a court marriage lawyer can help with useful advice.

    An advocate will help in court marriage Chandigarh in the following ways:
    • Conduct the marriage.
    • Procure the marriage certificate.
    • File petition for securing life and liberty in the court.
    • Get protection order from high court.
    • Ensure that couple can reside in area where they will get police protection.
    • Ensure that police cannot lodge any false complaint as the couple has the protection of the High Court.
    • Help police in efforts to reconcile couple with their family members.

    Thus, advocates help couples from start to finish in their quest for court marriage-from preparing notice of marriage to filing for an order for police protection.


    These are some of the important functions performed by an advocate to help a couple who have undergone a Court Marriage. All those who benefit from Chandigarh Court marriage can use the help of advocates to secure their life, love and liberty.

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