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    Inter religion love marriage in India: Take law in your side

    While India is making a name for itself in the world as a fast-growing economy, we are still plagued by the atrocities that take place in the name of saving honor in case of inter religion marriages. These instances not only show that we need to progress mentally a lot but also, they plead for our attention in terms of defining and protecting individuality.


    Inter religion marriages are delicate issues and they need to be handled with utmost care and sensitivity. Indian law is sensitive and has comprehensive rules regarding protecting victims. Understanding these will help you tackle the situation better:

    4_love marraige
    • Religion as an identity

    There is no denying a fact that religion defines us as individuals. Our way of life and the way we react are majorly decided and shaped by our religious beliefs. Since the ancient times, religion defined us, our society and civilisation. And being a very old country, India has one of the strongest religious backgrounds.


    Inter religion love marriage in India is, thus, a matter of identities at stake. We have a long history of violence and atrocities done in the name of religion. In case of any problem regarding love marriage, Chandigarh has excellent advocates who will not only help you through the process, they will also help you understand your legal rights regarding the matter.

    • Social norms vs. individuality

    In the past, marriage was a matter of prestige, social standing and maintaining the status. Marriage was, predominantly, a family affair. The preference of the boy or the girl was not given much importance, if at all. Elders considered the viability of the bond and thus the matter was carried forward.


    Now, with educational and financial progress, individuals are prone to select their own partners. Religion, unlike the old days, plays no more an important role. Nowadays, mental match is more important than religious match. That’s why a love marriage is synonymous to a marriage against the preference of the parents.


    Under these circumstances, most couple face ‘disowning’ as a punishment. Sometimes, physical harassment and violence are also part of the mission to ‘save honour’.

    • Know your rights

    India is a democratic nation where every individual has his/her rights to live a life of freedom. In accordance to this, a boy of 21 years or above, and a girl 18 years of age or above are legally free to choose life partners.

    You can file a petition for protection regarding love marriage in Chandigarh and Punjab-Haryana region if you are
    a) a citizen of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh, along with the proof of citizenship in the state
    b) have received threat of life and liberty from the relevant person regarding marriage decisions and
    c) have proof of marriage like marriage photograph, marriage certificate.

    The law will help you in all the necessary ways. Get in touch with the best advocate of love marriage and learn about the legal procedures to handle adverse reactions. That is the best way to take the law on your side.

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