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Process of court in anticipatory bail

Process of court in anticipatory bail


Anticipatory bail


Anticipatory bail is not extraordinary in the sense that it should be invoked only in exceptional or rare cases – In such cases where court is of considered view that accused has joined investigation and he is fully cooperating with the investigating agency and is not likely to abscond, in that event, custodial interrogation should be avoided, and anticipatory bail should be granted. Anticipatory bail is totally depending on the discretion of the court before which anticipatory bail is listed.


Process of court in Anticipatory bail


At the time of hearing the anticipatory bail application and granting the bail court follow the manner of exercise of- Facts of the case to be taken into consideration ,evaluating averments and accusation available on record and after that  court first  issue the notice to Public Prosecutor and After hearing him, court may either reject anticipatory bail application or confirm grant of anticipatory bail,( meanwhile court can grant the stay of arrest to the applicant or not) and It may also impose conditions for grant of anticipatory bail  and said discretion court exercised with due caution and prudence on the facts and circumstances of the case, without subjecting the discretion to self-imposed limitations – Although no inflexible guidelines or straitjacket formula can be provided in that regard, certain factors and parameters (albeit only illustrative and not exhaustive) laid down which can be taken into consideration while dealing with anticipatory bail.


Duration of Anticipatory bail


When order of anticipatory bail is confirmed after hearing Public Prosecutor,  benefit of the anticipatory bail will be continue till  the  of trial . Court never impose any condition about time period or length of the duration of bail.

Court have to maintain balance

Essence of function involved in grant of bail and measures to ensure proper performance thereof – court exercise of said jurisdiction requires maintaining of perfect balance between two conflicting interests viz. sanctity of individual liberty and interest of society – because our constitution provide the each and every citizen to right of life and liberty and no one can confined in any place without his will or arrest any person without any reason, even court also.



Condition impose by the court at the time of granting the Anticipatory Bail


The High Court or the Court of Session may include such conditions in the light of the facts of the particular case, as it may think fit, including:

  • A condition that the person shall make himself available for interrogation bythe police officer as and when required;
  • A condition that the person shall not, directly or indirectly, make any inducement, threat or promise to any person acquainted with the facts of the case so as to dissuade him from disclosing such facts to the court or to any police officer;
  • A condition that the person shall not leave India without the previous permission ofthe court.



Cancellation of anticipatory bail


if anticipatory bail is to be granted and same liberty granted by court is misused then at the instance of Public Prosecutor or complainant, court can cancel or modify conditions of anticipatory bail – Anticipatory bail can be cancelled even on finding of new material or circumstances at any point of time – Anticipatory bail ordinarily be continued till trial of the case.



Anticipatory Bail Not Available In Uttar Pradesh

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