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Welcome To Advocate In Chandigarh

With more than 10+ years of experience, Advocateinchandigarh(AIC) has been partnering with the clients on their most complex and exhausting legal cases. Considered to be the best advocates in Chandigarh, we hold an exceptional track record within the legal sector and always seek to uncover the truth in every case. Serving a broad spectrum of legal concerns, Advocateinchandigarh addresses legal facades from Criminal Cases, Civil cases, Rent Matters, Court Marriage Registration, Public interest litigation, Service Matters, Divorce Cases, Education Matters, Tax Matters, Election Matters, and a lot more.

Our lawyers in Chandigarh high court apply innovative, pragmatic strategies and hard work to ensure that our clients legal needs are met. Our success depends on close coordination with our clients, and our lawyers work collaboratively to set objectives, develop budgets and conduct periodic reviews to measure our progress against those objectives.

We also believe communication is critical to the best lawyer-client relationship. We remain transparent and work hard to ensure that our clients are always fully informed about the status of their case and our agreed-upon plans to resolve it in the most economical and expeditiously fashion possible.

Despite of the complexity of your case – Advocateinchandigarh(AIC) can help you. If you are charged with a violation, crime, or any other charge we will invest our blood and sweat to get you out of these circumstances. We will always be there and will do everything in our power to get you out of this situation unharmed.

Advocateinchandigarh(AIC) constitutes the best advocates in Chandigarh, registered with the Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh. We are fully aware that our clients need an attorney who can give them a realistic assessment of their situation. We take into account the opportunity and consider your circumstances to make the correct decisions.









Our aim

Our top lawyers of Chandigarh aim to provide pragmatic, solution-oriented and technically feasible advice to our clients that are effective and affordable. We observe the highest level of professional ethics with excellent, responsive and timely legal services this is why we are considered best lawyers in Chandigarh High Court. We are known for our integrity, efficiency, mutual trust and personal responsibility towards our clients. Our vision is to be a leading global legal advisory delivering quality services. Whether your matter is focused on a single issue or crosses disciplines, we put together the most efficient team of advocates to collaborate and achieve what is desired.

Our Strategy

We offer a risk-free consultation so you can understand what you’re being accused of doing, what are the possible punishments – and how we think we can help you. We are passionate about helping anyone, and everyone, accused of a crime.

Our decades of experience help us to handle cases differently, we can help you predict the opposing prosecutors game plan. Everything we do revolves around getting amazing results for our clients. 

Advocateinchandigarh takes great pride in its exceptional and personalized services. Our advocates’ approach is to keep you well informed, and up to date about their cases. Every client is informed about the several aspects of the law that relates to their case. This allows you to make informed decisions in every step of the way.


 With hundreds of Advocates in Chandigarh, it might feel overwhelming to choose the right one, but it’s important to look at the experience in handling cases before you make a decision.

Free Legal Advice

Advocateinchandigarh also provides Free Legal Help via telephone. You just have to let us know your legal problem, and we will give you a free consultation. Our experts will provide you complete assistance in your matter and clear the view on their issue.

Or, you can directly submit an email in your own words. Briefly describe your issue or the situation for which you are seeking legal services without disclosing any confidential information. You are assured to getting our assistance.

Glowing Reviews From Our Clients

He is a very good lawyer. He gives you the right advice and also handles the cases very well. He made sure that the case was in my favour. I had some issue with my name on my marksheets and Cbse refused to entertain any changes after so long but he made sure I won and I got my desired marksheets with the change
Mr. Sumit Dua is a very intelligent and calm lawyer. One of the best lawyers I have met. The knowledge of his law firm’s members is also very vast. They studied my civil case deeply. He and his firm handled my case easily and the process went very smoothly. Thank you!C.P.

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