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Customs duty can be simply defined as the tax imposed by the State on the export/import of goods in or out of the country. Being one of the main sources of revenue for the government, companies and individuals are expected to abide by the same.


In India, the custom duty is levied on goods that are imported or exported, in accordance with the provisions of the Schedules under the Customs Tariff Act, 1975. Custom cases are brought under Customs Act, 1962, as well, and non-payment of the duty calls for criminal charges and has penal charges and fines, which in most cases levied. Import duties are levied on most goods that come in the country, except for few live saving drugs, grains and fertilizers.


Customs duty is levied on important goods include the basic duty, Additional customs duty and Special additional duty. Custom Duty, Procedures & Concessions cases often end up being convoluted, as many of the laws and application under different circumstances are debatable.


We are the largest and most trusted team of lawyers based in Chandigarh, who represent people and businesses under the Customs Act for dealing with the Government authorities. Our lawyers know the laws to the core, and we offer comprehensive professional help up to the stage of appeals.


We have handled cases on original and appellate side and have got the best judgment for our clients, who span across multiple industries and sectors.  Our lawyers understand Customs Tariff Act, 1975 and Customs Act, 1962 for the ways in which the provisions are used, and we ensure companies and our clients are represented in the best possible extent.


Custom Duty, Procedures & Concessions are to be completed in line with what Government authorities have to say, and therefore, we offer extensive counselling on the legal aspects. Our lawyers are experienced in the field and offer information and advice on procedures that are covered under the act with the concessions that can be availed for certain goods on both imports and exports.


We have worked on multitude of cases in Chandigarh and other parts of Punjab, Delhi and Haryana, and our legal experts are always keen to offer their insight on cases.


For any questions related to Custom Duty, Procedures & Concessions or to get an appointment with one of our expert lawyers, feel free to call us anytime or reach us at our private office.

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