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Alternative dispute resolution or arbitration has increased in India over the last few years and have become an inevitable part of the resolution process, which is being adopted in multiple sectors and industries.


Welcome to the most trusted team of advocate in Chandigarh, India, where we offer you arbitration and alternative dispute resolution related services for all legal cases that need genuine advice and dedicated mediation. We have been assisting clients in all kinds of dispute resolution in both general and special practices in various industrial sectors for more than a decade. Our clients span to Real Estate, International Finance, Investments, Oil and Gas,


Banking and Finance and Aviation to name a few. We also deal in arbitration cases in Power, Mining, Intellectual Property, as well as Entertainment and Media. Our firm has also experience in cases related to dispute solution in Telecommunications and Insurance.

Expert lawyers for professional Alternative Dispute Resolution

We offer Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR services with years of experience. Apart from working in Chandigarh, many of the team members have presented government bodies and other companies in cases that needed conciliation and mediation through ADR. Our dedicated and experienced team of lawyers have all the required expertise to meet the requirements of clients, and depending on arbitration matters, we offer intense advise on the case, no matter how complicated the facts and terms may be.

Here is a close take of what we do for our clients
• Offering domestic arbitration services under Arbitration and Conciliation Act. 1996
• Complete check on ICA rules
• Following and completing cases under UNCITRAL and ICC Rules
• Offering professional intervention services
• Present arbitration petitions in High Courts and Supreme Court
• Advise on arbitration venue, choice of process and laws involved
• Appointment of arbitrator as needed through the honourable Supreme Court of India or High Court
• Presenting client cases before arbitral tribunals in disputes out of arbitration clause agreements
• Draft and complete arbitration agreements, causes and other files
• Legal advice on conciliation and mediation

As mentioned earlier, we have handled all kinds of arbitration cases and it depends on the essentials of case on how the entire case is taken ahead. We have experience in cases related to Marketing Agreements, Commercial Contracts, and Contractual Disputes, apart from regular cases of Construction Agreements, Collaboration Disputes, Service Agreements, and Joint Venture Agreements. Our expert lawyers can also guide aptly on Supply Contracts and Sale Agreements, as needed.


Please note that all our client details and cases are held private and no information is made available to any third party. Feel free to ask us or take an appointment for any arbitration case that needs a legal opinion. With professional lawyers and team of experts, mediation and getting to the right resolution is not a tough job for our team. For any issues or clauses that need clarity or to get right advice, do write to the team experts or call the legal office for a personal appointment.

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