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Constitutional cases are of prime importance and have relevance with rights and duties and are a part of the bigger picture of the country’s reflection.


According to Two-Judge Bench in 2010, cases mentioned below should only be entertained under Article 136 of the Constitution of India by the honourable Supreme Court of India.

• All matters and cases that involve substantial questions of law relating to Constitution of India and its interpretation.
• Matters of public importance/national importance
• Validity of laws, Central and State
• “After Kesavananda Bharati , (1973) 4 SCC 217, the judicial review of Constitutional Amendments”
• Cases that deal with settling differences of opinion between High Courts on important issues of law
• Breach of fundamental rights

Constitutional cases require lot more legal understanding and has to be followed to the best extent for adhering to justice. Over the years, the number of such cases has increased with the increase in people’s awareness, and representing such cases is not an easy task. For cases that deal with fundamental rights, the representation is important and pertinent, not merely for the person concerned, but as much as for nation and its citizens. Fundamental rights and duties, for the needs of knowledge, need more legal counseling, advice and representation than ever.


Welcome to the most extensive team of legal experts based out of Chandigarh India. We are among the few law firms in business that deal and work with constitutional cases for clients across India. Our special team of experts is known for their work in such cases, and before we take on the case, we believe in offering complete counselling and legal opinion on the matter. Constitutional cases are dealt in our firm by the most experienced lawyers who have worked for more than two decades in effective practice. We look ahead to such cases, mainly because of the grave importance they hold, and the kind of positive and successful outcomes that are possible.


For any queries related to Constitutional cases or to speak to one of our legal experts, do write to us. We are available for phone consultation and face-to-face meetings!

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