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Welcome to the team of most experienced corporate lawyers in Chandigarh, where we offer legal counsel and assist our clients in complying with various statutory and regulatory mandates as applicable.


Our team of corporate lawyers believes in delivering responsive representation of clients, who are often top level business organizations, companies and corporate. Apart from dealing in convoluted litigation cases, we also offer strategic advice on planning and implementation of various laws, rules and more. Our attorneys are skilled in negotiating, drafting and completing agreements that relate to licensing, employment, distribution and manufacturing to name a few. Our lawyers also offer advice on international trade with guidance on import-export and customs.

Take legal advice on strategic planning

For formulation and implementation of long term business plans, companies need legal advice on almost everything, starting from cash management strategies to cost analysis. Our lawyers are skilled to offer legal review and assessment for better understanding of impacts and laws that matter. For strategic alliances, our lawyers work on counseling and offer hard-headed and innovative advice on financing, restructuring and operations as needed. We also work on dissolution of joint ventures and create well planned exit strategies for addressing issues of intellectual property and more.

Other sections where we work on include
•    Corporate Governance
•    Mergers and Acquisitions
•    Private Equity
•    Venture Capital
•    Securities Law
•    Corporate Compliance

Corporate cases fall under the ambit of a number of laws, regulations, acts and mandates, which call for meticulous case preparation. Although we are based out of Chandigarh, our lawyers have the experience of handling and dealing corporate under Indian laws in many other states. Our aim always remains the same- genuine and extremely well planned legal services that remain worth time and efforts.


Our team also advises partnerships and corporations on implementing internal programs to educate employees and managers on corporate compliance. We also offer counselling on internal investigations and defend our clients in a number of cases including civil enforcement actions, government investigations, and criminal prosecutions. Under our security law services, we also offer to represent venture capital firms, issuers,
underwriters, and selling shareholders in all types of transactions, both private and public, involving offering and sale of securities. Not to forget, our experience and advice on private equities and venture capital markets remain unparalleled throughout Chandigarh.

Feel free to schedule an appointment for all aspects of corporate law in India.

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