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Immigration and Travel Laws

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India as a country has seen a surge in immigration in all these years. Nearly every Indian secretly harnesses a dream of living in abroad and earning in dollars. However, this is the dream not all can fulfill. Thus, there is a need of expert hands that can help in immigration and travel cases and is able to offer you professional assistance as to how to apply for a visa a long stay in a foreign country. There is provision for filling out both immigration and non immigration visas. The idea is to help you file the papers in such a way that your paper work is complete and you get the successful immigration permit, which is only possible if your lawyer knows what they are doing.

Here are the provisions of immigration and travel laws:

• Provide complete assistance in filling out the forms correctly and put all the requisite documentation in the most uncomplicated manner so as to get the approval from the visa officer. Some of the files are rejected simply because a very small document was missing or there was something lacking in the application. A good lawyer would know how to help you file these together to avoid any such complications.


• Your lawyer would also offer you representation in the court in case of prohibition on issuing the visa under section 221(g) of the Immigration Nationality Act, which is denied on the basis of failure to present the requisite documents.


• You can also request for PIO assistance from your lawyer, who can help you in filing the rights documents.


• The lawyers also help with FRRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Office) for issuance of a legal permit to stay in India.


The immigration law works both ways. To help the Indian citizens relocate to foreign countries legally and to help the foreigners stay here with all the legal documentation in place. This assistance will be best provided by a law firm that has an experience of dealing with national as well as international clients. The clients can approach the lawyers for number of reasons, which include assistance in working abroad, visiting USA or even studying in a foreign country.


The job of a lawyer is to help them secure the permit that they need in order to fulfill their objective. Since this area of law is related to the internal immigration law and is closely related to the national law, your lawyer must be well versed in both to be able to help you get the requisite permit.


Advocate in Chandigarh is a law firm that has been helping candidates to successfully settle abroad and start a fresh life on a good footing. We can help you with not just work visa, but also in case your visa has been denied a couple of times. You can seek our help who will not only provide assistance in filing the complicated paper work, but also preparing you for the final interview so that you can clearly explain your intention of travelling to the visa officer.

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