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Only good life partner can make your life happy. If you have life partner of your choice who understand you and you understand him/her, then nothing is better than this. In our life we search a good friend, but sometimes we are failed to found a single good friend in whole life and sometimes we found more than one good friends.

Why Court Marriage?

Court marriage is a way to perform the marriage, when the couple can’t opt the way of cultural marriage due to the any reason and one of the main reason are parents are do not agree for the marriage.

Why Parents are not agreeing for marriage?

In every marriage, there are different-different reasons when parents are not agreeing for the marriage of the couple like due to inter-caste, age differences, inter-religion, Status reason, Profession reason, education etc..

Is possible court marriage when parents are not agreeing for marriage?

After the refusal of the parents about the marriage, all the door are shut for the couple and only one question running in the mind NOW WHAT TO DO ?
This question run only in the mind of couples who are ready dying for each other and still willing to perform the marriage and everyone know “Where there is will, there is a way”.

Court Marriage in Chandigarh-

A couple has two choices to perform the marriage-

1. Perform the court marriage

2. Register the marriage after solemnized the marriage.

1. In Chandigarh, court marriage will be Perform before the office of marriage registrar. In court marriage, firstly apply for the marriage in the office of marriage registrar along with relevant document and took the date for marriage. Here we specific clear that a gap between date of applying for marriage and date of marriage is minimum one month (30 days). It is a compulsory provision by the law. In districts of Punjab and Haryana, Tahsildar has the power to perform the court marriage.

2. The couple could perform the marriage in any temple or Gurudawra with the all rites in Chandigarh or any place of Punjab and Haryana and after that apply for registration of the marriage before the competent authority.

If you are from the out of Punjab, Chandigarh & Haryana then don’t worry. please approach us.

Advocateinchandigarh have huge experience of dealing with such cases. Advocateinchandigarh helping the couple to perform the marriage and filling the petition before the High Court Chandigarh for providing the accurate protection of life and liberty If they have threat of life from the someone.

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