Do you need Senior Advocate for representing your case in High Court Chandigarh? But you have no knowledge about who is the suitable senior Advocate for your case. Generally a case reached in the High court after the long journey and a litigant knows after the High Court, Supreme Court is last destination. So every litigant makes try to win the case in the High Court.

For winning a case First and last step is engage a good advocate, who is an expert  of in his field. Every litigant engages an advocate according to his pocket. After pursuing the case from the long journey a litigant have fully aware that a good advocate is “How much important for making a case” . In High Court a one more category of advocate is also added “designated Senior Advocate”.

Who is Senior Advocate ?

Each High Court follows its own procedure in designating an Advocate as a Senior Advocate. Earlier the High Courts’ suo-motu considered certain Advocates as worthy of being designated as Senior Advocate and after obtaining the consent of the Advocate concerned used to designate him as such. However, the practice that is currently followed in the High Courts is to require a lawyer to make an application to the respective High Court for being designated. This application often has to be supported by two or three lawyers who have already been designated. Upon such an application, the sitting Judges of the High Court (Full Court) express their views through ballot, and according to the majority opinion the Senior Advocate status is either granted or refused.

Name of Senior Advocates

More than one hundred senior advocates are doing practices in the High court Chandigarh. Every advocate has own expert area like some in expert in criminal matter,some in civil matter, some in service matter and some in misllaneous matter . it is very important to know that every advocate got  his designation on the merit. Now question is what are you searching ? May be you heard a name of senior advocate but you dont aware about his expertise area. 

What we will do for you ? have the some designated senior advocate in own unit. If someone want to engaged a senior advocate, that client may sent their photocopies of the document regarding the matter by mail and any other mode to us and after consult the matter with senior advocate we delivered the words of the senior advocate to the client. So client will meet direct the senior advocate without wasting of time.

As you know we have some senior advocates in our unit apart this if client ask about any other advocate we give complete guidance to him as per our knowledge because an advocate is better knows about the another advocate.

Fees Structure

A senior advocate will be charge higher fees as compare the other advocates. so you have to be more carefull at the time of choosing/engaging the senior advocate.


You must be heard about x-factor, except the all good qualities everyone has one x-factor which is also called key factor. So it also a considerable point to before engage a senior advocate

You can contact us to engage or guidance to meet senior advocate in civil matter, criminal matter, service matter, land matter, rent matter, divorce matter, transfer matter, quashing matter, writ matter etc.

Every person who would be files a case as a petitioner or fight a case as a respondent in High Court or Supreme Court has a wish that a big advocate/ Senior Advocate will be stand on his side. Advocateinchandigarh also has some Senior Advocate in his team who are available for fighting the case for the litigants and who also guide the other team members time to time or on their requirements.



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