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Criminal Lawyer At Your Service To Help You With

1. Quashing Of FIR

An accused can get help from us to file a petition that will help quash the FIR by the High Court, which enables FIR against you to be proven wrong.


2. Anticipatory Bail

Get yourself an anticipatory bail in advance to ensure that the police cannot arrest you even in a non-bailable offense.


3. Revision

Have the higher court re-examine whether the lower court made the right decision in your case or not.


4. Regular Bail

Get bail after being arrested through this daily bail which helps to ensure your presence at the trial.


5. Direction Matter

Helping to get justice by getting direction by the Hon’ble High court for police and lower courts to do their duties regarding the case properly.

6. Suspension Of Sentence

Get assistance with getting your jail imprisonment sentence suspended either partially or entirely in exchange for following certain conditions without violating the same.

7. Appeal

Get your case heard in a new court (most likely to be higher than the previous one) if you think there were errors in the facts or laws stated in the previous court hearings.

8. Habeas Petition

File a petition to bring the prisoner or detainee before the court to prove whether their detention or imprisonment is lawful and right or not.

9. Compromise Quashing Of FIR

Petition the High Court for the compromise quashing of FIR if both the parties have agreed to compromise.

10. Protection Matter

Get help to file a protection matter (an order that is issued for someone believed to have a life threat, especially runaway couple who perform the marriage against the wish of the parents).

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With more than 10+ years of experience, Advocateinchandigarh(AIC) has been partnering with the clients on their most complex and exhausting legal cases. Considered to be the best advocates in Chandigarh, we hold an exceptional track record within the legal sector and always seek to uncover the truth in every case. Serving a broad spectrum of legal concerns, Advocateinchandigarh addresses legal facades from Criminal Cases, Civil cases, Rent Matters, Court Marriage Registration, Public interest litigation, Service Matters, Divorce Cases, Education Matters, Tax Matters, Election Matters, and a lot more.

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1. Is Perjury a Crime in India?

Yes. Leading false statements, furnishing false evidence, or quoting falsely on oath with malicious intent –before a public authority or before a court of law comprise the offense of perjury. Perjury is a crime against justice and so is listed as a crime against the state in various sections of IPC.

2. What are the benefits of hiring an experienced criminal lawyer?

Ignominies attached to the criminal charge, the hardships of punishment, and the destruction of life that comes along with wrongful conviction make it important to take criminal matters seriously and seek the most prudent guidance of an expert criminal lawyer who has an in-depth knowledge of Criminal law and interpretation of various applicable statutes.

3. Is there any law regarding the confidentiality of rape victim in India?

Yes, it is forbidden by law to reveal the identity of a rape survivor. The person printing or publishing the matter or disclosing the identity of the survivor of the offenses under Section 376, Section 376A, Section 376B, Section 376C, and 376D, is punished either with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years.

4. Is there any provision of imprisonment for criminal defamation in India?

Yes, Indian Penal Code, 1860 signifies the punishment for the defamation under which a criminal case can be lodged. The accused of performing criminal defamation will be imprisoned for 2 years or can be charged with a fine or with both under Section 499 and Section 500 of IPC. For civil defamation, monetary compensations are awarded.

5. Will a false FIR affect my career?

A false FIR will certainly not affect one’s career until he/she is proven guilty. Besides that, a false FIR’s effect on your job also depends upon the HR policy of the company you are working with. The best option in such scenarios for the falsely/ wrongly charged person is to seek the intervention of the Hon’ble High Court U/s 482, CrPC to have the false FIR Quashed.


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