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The main aim or purpose of a legal advisor toward his client to advise them how battle with legal problem and how avoid the unnecessary litigation . A common man never want to indulge himself in legal battle due to so many reason like litigation expense,avoid devote the time in case,non-awareness of  law etc.

Day by day legal problem has been increased in business, in job even private or government and even in family relationship also and every one has no family lawyer from which they can discussed their issue on daily basis..A legal advisor,who’s utmost duty toward his client to give advise to face the situation as per law and avoid to face the court.

Personal and business legal advisers often use the terms lawyer and advocate,along with the variant area of his practice. legal advisor when advertising their services. If anyone describes you or your law firm as the one they hate to face in court, count that as a success. Whenever someone says that you helped stop a frivolous lawsuit or protected their reputation during a potential scandal, youve done your job.

Duties of legal advisor –

A person in aggression or anger filed a case against someone ( Civil or Criminal) which is exactly not required and after sometimes person realized that he took a wrong action. In this situation, A legal advisor can help you. A legal advisor can advise you what kind of action do you need to take or not.A unnecessary litigation is never use-full for litigant as well as society.





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