Apostille Unmarried Certificate In Chandigarh

Apostille Unmarried Certificate In Chandigarh

What is Apostille and its requirment ?

If a person wants to use his documents in another country then he has to legalize the documents for foreign use from his/her country. In the procedure of legalized the documents from own country, various seals are placed on the documents. The process of legalization basically depends on one factor, Whether the target country has joined the convention abolishing the requirement of legalization for foreign public documents (“The Hague Convention”). in this case only Apostille seal is required for the legalization of documents.

Apostille Seal put on the back of the documents including with seal of the ministry of external affairs. Documents issued with this seal can be used in foreign countries. This Apostille seal can be put on personal documents like birth and death certificate, affidavits, powers of attorney, marriage certificate, unmarried certificate, and educational documents like degree, diploma, matriculation, and secondary level marks sheet.

In this process, the main step is all documents should be first authenticated by local offices in the state from where the documents have been issued. In the case of personal documents, the home or general administration department of the state concerned is the designated authority.

The Huge convention of October 5, 1961, “abolishes the requirement of legalization for foreign public documents and facilitates public documents executed in one state to be circulated in another.” The International agreement envisages the replacement of cumbersome and costly formalities of a full legalization process with the issuance of an Apostille. Apostilles can be issued by the competent authority designated by the state on whose territory the public document has been executed.

What is an Unmarried Certificate ?

Meaning of unmarried certificate is a document that declares that person namely mention in the certificate is not married to date. This certificate is applied by the person himself along with supporting documents. It is authentic legal evidence of an individual’s unmarried status.

Why it is Needed ?

The unmarried certificate is a legal document. This document will be prepare after verification and stamping of many offices. Every country has a duty to secure the interest of own citizen and marriage is very important for everyone and second marriage is not valid almost in each country.

For example, if a foreigner wants to solemnize the marriage India (with Indian Citizen)so he/she also needs to produce a “no Objection Certificate”. The same is applied to Indian citizens in abroad. But foreign country demanded an Unmarried certificate instead of a No objection Certificate.

So, This legal paper authenticates the actual status of the person.

Who can Issue an unmarried certificate ?

In India, an Unmarried certificate is a complicated certificate. If you are residing in India or want to perform marriage  in India then you don’t require this certificate. There is no fixed format for this document. But there are certain points that must bear in the certificate/affidavit. This certificate is a combination of three steps –

1. Attest by Notarized
2. Attest by District Magistrate or Sub-Divisional Magistrate
3. Ministry of External Affairs with Apostille Seal

How Apply Unmarried Certificate in Chandigarh ?

Here are two ways to apply for the unmarried certificate in Chandigarh. The first way to apply unmarried certificate before the competent authority along with supportive documents and after duly police verification and recorded the statement of the neighbor and parents authority issued the unmarried certificate and after that proceed for regional passport office Chandigarh.

The second way is to swear an affidavit with personal detail as per the other govt. Documents and mention his/her age, marital status and made a declaration and notarized the same and after that move before competent office and the last step is a ministry of external affair office, Delhi.

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