Availing divorce when spouse enters new religious order

Availing divorce when spouse enters new religious order

There are many people who tend to get influenced by religion at some point of time in their life. It could happen that some accident or something that takes place in their lives to change the way they think about life.


Some people simply lose to live a normal life and take the recourse towards the God in a way that makes them to appear like a saint. These are situations that do not go well with the family life and the individual does not undertake the regular family related activities and duties. The entire family tends to suffer from this and the spouse is the one that suffers the most due to the aloofness of the individual, because of entering a new religious order. This could be a possible circumstance for people to look for divorce lawyers in Chandigarh, who can help them to move separate ways. Understanding the divorce procedure in Chandigarh can help the person to take the right moves that would be legal and in his/her favor.

Taking the advice of advocate for divorce to know more about the subject

As a matter of fact, a divorce decree could be obtained on petition that is presented by the spouse. The ground in this case would be that the respondent is said to have renounced the world completely by entering a specific religious order. This is something that can be better explained by the lawyers for divorce. The clause is said to comprise two important components: Firstly, the respondent needs to have renounced worldly affairs, and secondly, respondent thereafter enters into religious order that is recognized by the Hindu religion. This entry does require some kind of ceremonial observance or performance of particular formalities. A good divorce lawyer would state that renouncement of world by the person needs to be absolute. It should amount to civil death and have the effect of excluding the person from inheritance, with right to partition. However, mutual consent divorce advocate states that individuals wearing saffron colored apparels and enjoying married life cannot be termed to have renounced the world or entered religious order. At the same time, the person by simply holding specific religious professions or opinions cannot be said to be civil death.

Knowing what is to be done

In such a case, it would be important for the petitioner to first contact a good and qualified divorce lawyers in Chandigarh and explain the matter to him. However, before seeking the advice, it is essential to check the reviews of the advocate and t find out if he or she is experienced, has expertise in the domain and has immense knowledge in the domain. Also, the advocate should have fought cases of similar nature and know the different sections of law and the judge and the jury, so that the case is in favor of the petitioner. Whatever be it, the individual needs to prove in the court that the spouse has become a complete recluse and these needs to be supported with adequate proof that should be submitted before the bench, so that an appropriate outcome can be derived.

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