legal remedy for parents and senior citizen

Concern for a someone is best part of a relation. A relationship is the combination of six things emotion, trust, love, faith, care and respect. In one life we make many relation with the others like husband-wife ,friends,neighbour,brother-sister,grandfather/grandmother-granddaughter but relation of father-son/daughter,mother -son/daughter is our first relation .

Here we are taking about relationship of parent-child. The parent-child relationship is the best example of a relation caregiver or concern. The Parent-child relationships can be biological or adopted. Biological parents and children share genetic material, while adoptive parents and children usually do not. Adoptive parent-child relationship are most often legal agreements that form a permanent parent-child relationship. The relationship between parents and their children is important to consider when discussing physical, cognitive, and social development in children.

Object of the Act –

The main object of the of Act to provide fast and effective legal remedy to the helpless and needy parents or senior citizen . As per the Maintenance and welfare of parent and senior citizen Act parents and senior citizen can claim the monthly maintenance from their children if the parents and senior citizen enable to maintain themselves .

What is the need of this Act –

Prior to this Act, provision of the maintenance of parents was available in under the section 125 of the CR.P.C. But this Act provide the protection to the step father, step mother and senior citizen as well as property of the parents and senior citizens.

Power to the Tribunal –

Under this Act, if any person ( parents or senior citizen) want to file complaint/application against his/her children, then he/she have to submitted the application/complaint before the tribunal which is constituted under this Act. Here is no power grant to the civil court under this Act.



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