Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) means No Criminal Record

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) means No Criminal Record

Police clearance certificate (PCC)

Have you ever check about your criminal record?  Or are you law abide citizen of the country? When you did nothing wrong then why you need to check your criminal record. You know you did nothing wrong, but how others know about this. Police is an agency who keeps the record of criminals. So if you want to clear or verify that are you involve in any criminal case or any criminal case registered against you then you can verify from the police and when police verify that no criminal case is pending against you then police issue a clearance certificate that called Police clearance certificate.

Who needs police clearance certificate (PCC) –

Every institution/office or every employer or every landlord and even a housewife everyone needs police clearance certificate .Yes, even a house wife can seek police clearance certificate from her maid. Everyone wants that if he/she engaged a new employee that should be a clean antecedent and must be a faithful person. Basically police clearance certificate is basic need for all employers which show that how is his employee and what is his/her background.

Requirement of Police clearance certificate (PCC) –

A pending police case against you may spoil your good image. Nobody (any office, institution, group of business) wants to associate/engage/hire a person with a criminal record.

Major requirement of police clearance certificate following cases –

  1. In apply of passport – Passport is very important document for everyone. Therefore when a person apply for passport then police may conduct a general inquiry about is criminal record and if police didn’t find anything wrong against the applicant who applied for passport then same thing will be mention in the person  and issue the passport.
  2. In Tenant Verification – if you are a tenant, then landlord must apply for your verification with purpose of checking your background as well as criminal record.
  3. Seeking govt. employment – if you are seeking a job in any government department then you have to show your good character certificate to the government because if you have any criminal record then you could apply for any government job.
  4. Seeking citizenship of other country – Probably a person get citizenship of any country by birth. Every country grants citizenship of a person who took birth in their country. But some time we want to get citizenship of any other country where we want to live in that case person needs to complete some formalities and also needs to produce a document by which he can show that he doesn’t involve any such activity which against the country.

How to apply for PCC  ?
To apply for a Police Clearance Certificate, the applicant is required to fill an application form along with relevant documents , District Police Office, of concerned city. The duly filled-in application form may be submitted personally or through a representative (having an authority letter duly signed by the applicant).

Who can issue PCC?

The power of issuance of PCC (Police clearance certificate) with the concerned police station where to applicant belongs. In some area head of department of police issue the police clearance certificate after conducting the inquiry with the help of local police station under whom jurisdiction applicant reside.

Documents for applying the PCC –

The following documents must be attached alongwith the application form:

  • Copy of valid Indian Passport
  • Copy of any of the following documents as proof of residence (if the applicant’s present address is not the same as that mentioned in the valid passport)
  • Two copies of latest passport size photograph in addition to one affixed on the application form.

Mode of apply to PCC –

An applicant can apply PCC online as well as offline mode. In online mode applicant has to pay some fees and get appointment for interview. On the interview applicant have to appear before the authority and after that authority direct the concerned police to submit report regarding the criminal record of the applicant.  On the other hand applicant can apply police clearance certificate offline in which applicant have to submit some documents to the police authority with reason that why he needs police clearance certificate. After getting the request from the applicant police start the work of inquiry and submit report the head of the police station.

Proclaimed offender –

The sole purpose of police clearance certificate is check the criminal background of the person. sometimes person not directly involve in the police case but his/her presence is required in any criminal complaint as accused and person willfully or  knowingly didn’t appear before the court. in that case after following the proper procedure court declare him/her proclaimed offender and also direct the concerned police station to register the FIR against him/her under section 174A of the IPC. So this  kind of case also come in police report.





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