Protection of life and liberty

Protection of life and liberty

Life has so much definition. Every person have own life and own definition about the life. Everyone wants liberty in his/her life and everyone has right to freedom of life and liberty. Socially and legally side liberty of the life is must .After the liberty, the second question is protection of life. A person needs protection for his life socially, financially and legally. Here we are talking about, how our law protect the life and liberty of a person .our legal system give the power or duty to the Police and Court to protect the life and liberty of each and every person.

Protection of life and liberty

 When you can approach to the Police

General view is when any crime has been committed only then person can approach the Police. But fact is that when a person has apprehension about some danger or threat of his/her life from a particular person, he/she can take the help of police. It is duty of the police to provide the proper protection to the person and save the life of person.

When you can approach the court

Yes, when police not registered the case against the accused,in that situation, how you go to court for fighting the case. But law is very clear, if police did not taking any action on compliant of the person,person can approach the court. How and where? Here we are taking about the matter of  protection of life and liberty. A person can moves the application of the protection of  life and liberty before the police, because its duty of the police .Our Constitution of India provides the some fundamental rights to the Indian Citizen. An Article 19 to 22 gives us Right to Freedom of life and liberty to all citizens of India, irrespective of any difference of religion, race, caste, sex, or place of birth. If police not taking necessary action on the application and still person  having threat or fear of life and liberty, person can moves  the petition Competent Court (High Court Chandigarh) for protection of his/her life and liberty, and the High Court  Chandigarh after satisfaction give directions to the police authorities to do the needful.

Against whom you take the protection

Mainly person have threat/danger from his/her enemy, some bad elements of the society or some unknown person who give the threat on call. But some time person has threat of life and liberty from his/her own close relatives like mother, father, sister and others relatives. It’s upon the petitioner against whom he/she wants protection from the court.Even people can file the Protection petition against the police officail if they threatning to them beyond the law.

Physically and psychological threat-

It’s not necessary when threat is physically, only then person can approach the police and court. Some time person received the continuing psychological threat from the any person and own family member with malafide intention (bad intention).in the result of either the person runaway from the house in any unknown place or committee the suicide. In this situation also, person can file the petition in Hon’ble High Court and if high court is satisfied, grant the appropriate remedy.

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