Role of Advocate in Inter-caste Marriage

Role of Advocate in Inter-caste Marriage

When a boy and a girl fall in love, they do not think about what caste they belong to. It is when they finally decide to marry; the question of caste comes up. Primarily, they are worried about the reaction of their family members.

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One of the two things will happen to them:

The couple will be able to tell their parents and make them understand that they truly love each other and the marriage will make them really happy. The parents will either both give into their demand and accept the marriage and the matter is resolved amicably or the parents will not give in to their demands and the question of marriage is nipped in the bud.

The second situation will arise when both the parties stick to their guns and would not budge. This is when the situation can spiral out of context with both the parties threatening to take action. The couple is planning to elope while the parents are trying to kill them.

The moot issue in the above conflict is caste. In the past, inter-caste marriages were very seldom seen so these types of questions did not rise. Now with education, right to equality and right to life and liberty, both the parties are thinking themselves to be right.

What is the result of today’s inter-caste marriages?

Today, a lot of young couples are getting married across caste both with and without their parents’ wishes. The good thing about the situation is that, when these couples have kids of their own, they will encourage them to marry across caste, as well. In times to come, with more people supporting this act, we as a society can finally rise above these meaningless social dogmas.

What should a willing couple do to get married?

Willing couples, who want to get married, must first of all try to get the consent of their parents. In the absence of willing parents, they ought to get hold of some willing relatives or willing friends to lend them support. Irrespective of whether they get hold of someone, one thing that they must do is get hold of an advocate. This is very important as an advocate will offer the couple counsel to make their marriage legal.

What are the benefits of hiring an advocate?

When a couple decides to marry without the consent of their parents and other family members, they fear for their life. We all know to what extent these people can go to serve their selfish needs.

Advocate in chandigarh will protect these couples, especially when they are feeling helpless in their own cities.

An advocate will help couples to:

1.  Perform the marriage.


2. Obtain the marriage certificate.


3. File protection of life and liberty in the High Court.


4. Obtain the protection order from the High Court.


5. The couple can now live in their area as the police are duty bound to protect suchcouples after the High Court order.


6. Police will not be able to register any false case against them as those can be easily turned down by the High Court.


7. Police will also help to find a way to compromise and patch things up between you and your parents. has a lot of experience and understanding the gravity of the situation will assist their clients in such cases. Advocateinchandigarh helping the couple to perform the  court marriage and precure the marriage certificate from the registrar in the same day.

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