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Tips To Hire the Best Criminal Lawyer

The most important part of hiring a lawyer is to understand what kind of lawyer you need. For most people having to interact with the law is worse than visiting the dentist. This is chiefly because of the complex structure of filing a case or going to trial. This confusion or fear can be lessened by hiring the right lawyer. Hiring general lawyers is not a good idea if your case is a serious one and there is lot at stake. For instance, if you are contesting a divorce that was filed with false claims, you need an experienced divorce lawyer. For estate matters or non-criminal cases, civil lawyers should be hired. Similarly, if a case has been filed against you for some crime, you will need a criminal lawyer. In India, criminal cases are categorized into cognizable offence and non-cognizable offence. Cognizable offence is for serious cases and you can be arrested any time without a need for a warrant. If you expect the case to be considered a cognizable offence, it is quite imperative that you hire a lawyer for you as quickly as possible. The criminal defense lawyer can explain the options available to you and you can think about applying for anticipatory bail if the offence is cognizable.


Remember These Tips

While it is advisable to choose a lawyer after careful research and background checks, you might not always have such time. Most of the states in India including Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh have huge pending cases and the top criminal lawyers are always bogged down with cases. Below are a few tips to help you hire the best criminal lawyer for you.

  • Remember that the most reputed lawyer does not naturally become the best lawyer for you. Every criminal case is different and you should choose the lawyer depending on a number of factors.
  • Most of the top criminal defense lawyers in Chandigarh will be expensive. If you are not in a condition to afford the bills, you can find out if a lawyer takes on pro-bono cases. If your case is unique or special in some way, there are higher chances of being considered for pro-bono work.
  • When you are choosing a lawyer, make sure that he will be able to give your case the required personal time without delegating it to one of the junior lawyers.
  • Criminal procedure code is vast and the lawyer you choose should have experience in defending persons accused of offenses similar to your case. Lawyers experienced in specialized areas will be able to quote judgments awarded in similar cases previously to help you.

Never choose a lawyer who you cannot talk to without reservations. You should let your lawyer know the entire story including both good and bad parts so that he can defend you to his full potential.

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