A Rent Agreement by view of A Tenant

A Rent Agreement by view of A Tenant

The Premise

The need for a place to stay is increasing at an alarming rate in the country. With more and more people joining the workforce on a daily basis, the need for affordable housing is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford to buy a house or a flat. The majority will move to a place of more economic opportunity and try and rent a place within the limits of his or her economic capability and have to play the role of a tenant.


The Rent Agreement

The practice, usually, is that the owner of the property will give you a lease of 11 months and then the question of renewal of that property comes after that. It really does matter as to what the actual agreement says so to make sure that you go through it very minutely. If you are unable to understand the legal writings, then make sure that you consult an advocate in Chandigarh to help you understand what you are really getting into. The two basic points to note are the length of time for which the agreement is being entered upon and the rate of increase of the rent that both the sides have agreed to. Make sure that you are comfortable in both these aspects before you put in your signature on the agreement.

The Possible Obstacles and Solution

Sometimes what happens is that the owner of the property gets a better deal and wants you to vacate the place. Do not budge. As a person who has paid rent regularly according to the rent agreement, you cannot be evicted just like that. Advocates in Chandigarh will tell you that, as well. What is even more interesting to note is that if you have stayed in the house and paid rent regularly for a period of years or more, then it will be impossible for the owner to evict you at all? The only way he or she will be able to do so is when he or she, himself or herself needs to use the place. Any other reason is not good enough. The Honourable Supreme Court in a landmark judgment has itself said so.

Even after all the laws and rules being in place sometimes, there are incidents which still take place. Some unscrupulous homeowner decides to use unlawful means by threatening or using brutal force to remove a person and put someone else with higher rent on your place. In such a situation, make sure that you have a High court lawyer from Chandigarh handling your case.

Make sure that you have apprised him or her about the situation and provided him or her with all the legal documents and contracts that were provided to you. On proper introspection of the papers, he or she will guide you to take the next course of action. He or she may ask you to appeal in a court of law and would help you in making proper documentation on it. The subsequent court hearing and arguing on your behalf will all be done by your lawyer. You just have to make sure that you have the right person in charge of your state of affairs.

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