Love marriage or Run away Marriage In Chandigarh

Love marriage or Run away Marriage In Chandigarh

Love marriage or run-away marriage between the couples inter se or between couples and parents or between couples and society are age-old issues. In Indian society, still arranged marriage is the prevalent method of getting married. Still, the marriage is considered to be not a relationship between two individuals but a relationship between two families. Parents often want their offspring to get married to a boy or girl of their choice. There is reluctance and opposition either by parents or by the Society if there is an intervention of caste, religion and creed and sometimes financial status. Though the parents love their offspring, yet, either out of concern and care or out of narrow considerations, they oppose such marriages. Parents believe that it is legitimate to expect the same in return for their sacrifice.

Social Norms/Customs and Law

Our society is running on two pillars 1. Social Norms/custom, 2. Law. Our social norms and law both are establishing for the sake of the general people and to govern their general life. Purpose of the making both pillar is, to guide and protect the life of the general public. That’s why both of them need to change time to time due to the changes in life because they are for people, people are not for them. Most of the part of the population of India is youth and our youth of India is a symbol of change. Love marriage or Runaway marriages and inter-caste weddings are manifestations of general changes in the caste-ridden Indian society which should not be looked with bed eyes and law enforcing agencies should protect such couples from harassment.

We need changes in our social norms/custom who stop to involve the two different castes to between each other. This norms/custom makes boundaries between the people by the castes and when a couple belonging to different- different caste married with each other. Then our society on the name of the norms/custom treated this kind of marriage like crime and on the name of the society both the family of the married couple create the lots of problem for the boy and girl. On the other hand in eyes of law, this is covered under the fundamental right of the Couple. Because as per the rights a boy and a girl can marry in any caste, religion and any place with her or his will and if anybody raised any objection and made an obstacle for solemnizing the marriage the couple, he has no right if both the girl and boy reach the marriageable age( for girl 18 and for boy 21 years).

Law and Love Has One similarity

Law and love have one similarity, that is both are blind. Law never made any difference between the people due the caste, religion, poor, rich, male, female. Law always treats the people on a similar level and love also never made the difference between the people due to any reason of above stated.

High Court Chandigarh

If a couple decides to marry against the wish of the family and have any doubt that prior to or after the perform the marriage their family member may harm them and try to harm them. In this situation, they should approach the Hon’ble High court. Hon’ble High Court has the power to direct the police to protect the life of the married couple even on only doubt of the couple.

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