An Advocate’s Fee

An Advocate’s Fee

Professional fee of advocates is increased day by day. A litigant is always afraid of advocate’s fee. A litigant never know, what is the criteria of an advocate for charging his fees for a case. An advocate is always free for charging his professional fees from the client and it depends on a client, how much amount he will pay to the counsel’s fees. Mostly a counsel charges his fees on two factors 1. length of his practice 2. depends on the case.

Here we are giving details of low fee matter, where a client doesn’t require to pay fees on the higher side due to various reason like covered matter, fundamental rights, right of a person, guidelines of the high court and supreme court.

Suspension of Sentence

After conviction when accused applies for bail it is called suspension of sentence. It is different from anticipatory bail and regular bail. Mostly in bail cases court have to see what kind of offence is involved and what is the consequence of the bail or not to grant the bail. But in the suspension of sentence, the trail is already over and accused is convicted for the offense. Article 21 of our constitution protect the life and liberty of every person and long custody of any person (even accused) is against the Article 21 and our criminal procedure code also have a section for suspension of the sentence after conviction.

Quashing of the Case on the basis of Compromise

It is true, the ratio of the quashing of the case on compromise is more than quashing on merit case. When the matter is compromised then the burden of the court, as well as advocate, is also light as compared to the case on merit. Mostly those cases in which case is against the individual person and does not affect the society can easily quash on the basis of the compromise.

Mutual Consent Divorce

Mutual Consent means Common decision. When a couple decides that they want to leave each other and end to their married life without any conflict and issue then they apply for Mutual consent divorce. In a mutual consent divorce case, the main thing is the settlement of amount and children must be clear between the parties and advocate have to explain the all term and condition of the divorce to both the parties. In this case, both parties can appoint only one advocate.

Protection matter in High Court

A runaway couple needs protection mostly from the family members of the girl side and sometimes need protection from the family of both sides. In earlier days, it was difficult to contact a lawyer in another city, like Chandigarh if you belong to another city. But now days it is very easy to contact with the lawyer of the other city. A runaway couple easily contact with the lawyer and hire for their case.

Covered Cases

Supreme court or High court has the power to make changes in the law if the existing law has been an obstacle in a routine manner for people or give the wrong effect on a larger society. When a Judgment passed by the courts with the view that same kind of issue can easily come in the near future before the court, the court passes a judgment with this view that future cases would be automatically covered in the present judgment and whenever the same issue comes before the court,then court not required to hear the matter on length.


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