Love Marriage Needs Police Protection

Love Marriage Needs Police Protection

In India, falling in love is not all to marry a person of your choice, especially when you belong to two different communities, castes and religions. That does not diminish the love between the two persons though but makes a path to marriage very daunting and complex. Pressures from society and parents push the two lovers into the state of oblivion and complete desolation. When the love marriage is at stake, what does the law recommend, how does the law protect the interests of two lovers and how does the law intervene to make possible your love marriage?

In every love marriage case, these recurring questions of lovers are of paramount importance because they can guide your way to a successful marriage, where nothing but the voice of two sincere lovers matter. It should be considered seriously that in such cases where parents and society emerge as antagonists, ready to put an end to your love story, the law favors the lovers. The only condition it asks for, to solemnize your love marriage, is the age. For the boy, it is 21 and for the girl, it is 18. When you meet the criterion necessitated by the law, the law is bound to ensure your security and blissful married life.


Law Can Save Love Marriages

The law so staunchly supports the two lovers and makes sure that they are married without any security threat and obstruction that they can give the couple a police escort if the need arises. To protect the right to life and liberty every citizen of India is enshrined to, the law has to give you every possible security to sustain your love marriage.

When you feel your love marriage is at stake, or all set to become an unsuccessful love marriage in Chandigarh, you have nothing to fear, or worry about because the High Court of Punjab and Haryana, too, stands for the safety and protection of lovers who wish to marry because they love each other, no matter what community they belong to, or caste, or religion they represent. Obviously, they do so against parents`wishes and earn the wrath of the community, but the law has to protect everyone right to life and liberty and because of that law is bound to lend you every possible help. If you, too, had a love marriage, and feel your liberty is threatened in Chandigarh, you can file a petition for protection and the law will hear your appeal to offer you protection immediately.

Look, India is a country where marriage is more of a family affair than exclusively an individual`s choice. And Indian families are more comfortable with arranged marriages than a love marriage for many reasons such as they look for caste compatibility, religion compatibility, even social status, and financial compatibility. When they are sure all these compatibility attune, they can agree to solemnize your marriage, but if even one compatibility factor would fail, they would let the sky fall on earth but never agree to marry you off.

But the law does not agree with all that kind of stuff. That is why there is a law called the Special Marriage Act of 1954. It is the law that governs or gives freedom to young couples to marry the person of their choice, to legalize marriages taking place across different castes and religions without any hindrance. But even then legal consultation is indispensable, so is Advocates in Chandigarh.

To achieve the goodwill of parents, if you plan an inter-religion marriage, on both sides cannot happen, always. They may decline outright. In that case, what majority of the lovers do, they escape and perform court marriage. The consequence of such a marriage is always terrible, because of the danger that looms over your head from the family and the economic loss that is incurred on you because your parents refuse you the inheritance. It is here you need to knock on the door of the law and see what it can do for you.

When Liberty and Life is at Stake, How to File a Protection Petition

Every eligible Indian have the legal right to marry the girl or boy of their choice. However, to avoid any disturbance, it will be advised to get the appointment letter for the post of P.O.

Ask for distance posting to ensure that you can stay at a distance place where those people will have no commanding influence on the authority/administration. After the couple can get married in an Arya Samaj temple and get your marriage registered before a Court. Following that the couple can lodge a police complaint against her family members for their filing false cases/complaints and also for killing both of you. You should attach copy of your marriage certificate as an evidence of your marriage.This way you shall be adequately imnunised and if they still file false cases against you, contest the cases fittingly.

To file a protection petition, you should be

  1. That district’s residents
  2. You should file a case only when your right to life and liberty is in jeopardy.
  3. Next important thing you would need to file a case for security is proof of your marriage. You will need to prove, by producing before the Court, a valid certificate of your marriage.

Another law that helps protect life and dignity – IPC 506: Section 506 of the Indian Penal Code

Criminal intimidation is punishable
Any person who commits the offence of criminal intimidation will be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend with time, or with fine, or with both;

If intimidating remark is to cause death or grievous hurt
If the threat remark given by a person is to cause death or grievous hurt, or to cause an offence punishable with death or imprisonment for life, or destruction of any property by fire, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, or with fine, or with both.

When you fulfill these conditions, the rest of the thing will be taken care of by the law, including your security from the family animosity.

Even though the time has changed and society is becoming more open, inclusive than it was a decade ago. But to eradicate the long-dominant belief system completely is not possible, it cannot be challenged by the progress of a decade of civil rights activism. The caste system is embedded in the blood system of Indian society, so the lovers have to be patient with whatever decision they take. After all, the situation is not going to change overnight and your parents are not going to welcome the person you love – from another caste, religion and social background – with open arms and garlands.

Still, there remain many things to consider, which may not have been included in the article, but you need not to panic, or worry, if all your questions may not have been answered. The best way for you to consult a legal expert who may answer all your queries regarding the love marriage is to connect with Advocate in Chandigarh. Our team of advocates specializes in love marriage cases and can offer you help in services such as performing the marriage or filing a protection petition in the High Court of Chandigarh. Join hands with Advocate in Chandigarh to solve all your issues related to the love marriage.


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