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Can Institution Punish the Student

Can Institution Punish the Student

Education institution means a healthy and peace full environment for student where they can study, built their carrier and prepare for the future. Education institutions like school, college, university etc. are the milestone of life of a student.

Duty of Student in Institution-

Here we are talking about the Discipline, in college campus there is no restriction on the students except following the discipline. Every institution has some rule and regulation which must be followed by the students and when any student found to be guilty of breaking of any rule and regulation, then he will be punishing by the institution.

How Institution Punish the Student –

Before punishing the student, institution must contain the disciplinary committee and only vice chancellor have power to constitute the committee. Institution must follow the following step prior to punish the student-

  • The Vice-Chancellor may constitute a Fact Finding Committee to inquire into the incident of indiscipline, if any, by the students;
  • The Committee shall report the matter to the Vice-Chancellor for confirmation of its findings.
  • The Vice-Chancellor may also require the Committee to suggest punishment or any other disciplinary action against a student, if found guilty.
  • The Vice-Chancellor may award the appropriate punishment provided as per the rule and regulation of the University.

Kind of Punishment-

An institution can punish the student by way of suspension or removal from the institution. These two punishments are the major punishments except this institution can give many others kind of punishment like not stay in hostel, not attend the function of the institution, time bound attendance etc..

Show Cause Notice – 0

Prior to initiate any disciplinary action against the student, institution has to issue one show cause notice that why he should not suspend or rusticate from the institution due the indulgence of such prohibited act. When the institution took any action against the student prior to giving any such show cause notice or without giving any opportunity to hear the student, it is against the principal of natural justice of law and action taken by the institution is bad in the eyes of law.

Remedy for Student-

When institution took any0 adverse action against the student, then student have only one remedy i.e. filling a writ petition against the institution and challenge the order/action of the institution. This is only one effective remedy is available for the student.




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