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Education cases in High Court


Education is a fundamental right of every citizen of India.Every State of India shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of six to fourteen years in such manner as the state may,by law, determine.But Every right is coupled with a duty.Part III of the constitution of India although confers rights,duties, and regulations are inherent there-under.

Every student has some duty towards his institution because an institution have to follow some rule and regulations for maintaining the decorum of the institution.But during this education period students faced some problem due to his unawareness or carelessness and strict decision of the institution which effect the students in future.

Here we are discussing some issues which may arise between in the student and institution-


Correction of name/ change of name in Mark-sheet

One of the main issues which faced by the most of students is printing of wrong name or incomplete name on the mark-sheet of the 10th and +2 classes and which they knew that after declaring the result. these documents  are the base of the all anther documents  which will  be ready in future.


Discharge from the Course –

After complete-ting the school student took admission in the college, the college run under the university and university govern by the rules of govt. Of India. In college, student  join new  course like B.Tech, MBA, MBBS, BDS, LLB etc… Etc. Every course has minimum and maximum duration and student have to complete his course within prescribed period otherwise institution has power to disqualify/discharge the student from the course.


Dispute arise at the time Admission

Sometimes, in the institution(College,University Campus)limited seats are available for the new students and these days mostly institute admit the students by conducting the entrance examination and which student cleared the exam they got the admission. But some times due to reservation or any other risen dispute is arises on admission . in that case when an eligible student could not get the admission he will suffer from an irreparable loss.


Not allow  appearing in examination –

 In every institution, put the one condition of 75% compulsory attendance for appearing in the examination and if any student does not fulfill this condition then institution not allowing him/her to seat in the examination. In that case student have to approach the authorities for taking the permission for appearing the examination.


In all the above situations when the dispute is not resolved by the authorities and concerned person. Then student can file the case/writ in the High Court. 

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