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Court Marriage In India

Court Marriage In India

Every country has follow different-different custom, festival, religion and this is the uniqueness of each country. If we talk about legal point of you then we can say that every country’s constitution provide some fundamental right to the citizen of the country. As per these fundamental rights a citizen of the country has freedom to chose any religion, custom, society, festival like in India a Hindu can enjoy  Eid festival which original belong to Muslim religion and a Muslim can enjoy the Diwali festival which originally belong to Hindu religion.



Marriage is very essential part of the life. In every country, people have different-different way to solemnize the marriage. In India, marriage will be perfome like a festival.  In India you can solemnize the marriage by three ways. 1. Cultural marriage, 2. Court marriage/registered marriage, 3. Same day marriage.


1.Cultural marriage In India

In a normal marriage, people have at least three days of function like one day for puja/kirtan/path; second day reserved for ladies sangeet and on third day marriage will be solemnized in front of the all relatives, family members and neighbours. This is the ist way to solemnized the marriage.

2. Court marriage In India/registered marriage in India

Todya, court marriage in India is the one of the choosiest option for perform the marriage. In India, a marriage officer has been appointed by the govt. for performing the marriage and issues the marriage certificate it’s called court marriage or registered marriage. Our India is divided into the state and every state has divided into district for the better governance and most of country follows this system. India has also some union territory in which central govt. have ruled.

 i) Procedure of court marriage in state-  

Procedure and rule of the performing the court marriage in state and union territory will be remain same.  But the marriage officer will be different in the state. A state has unity of district and every district has own marriage officer. A sub-registrar has power to perform the marriage in a district and at the time of performance of his duty his power like a civil judge that’s why the marriage like that called court marriage.

 ii) Power of registrar of marriage-

In court marriage, parties firstly apply to the sub-registrar for granting permission or solemnized the marriage by moving a application along with annexed relevant documents and photographs. After applying sub-registrar fixed a date of after one month and on a fixed date parties must be appear before the sub-registrar along with witness. Meanwhile sub-registrar issue a notice that which publishes in notice-board of the office may be local newspaper and verify the address of the parties and also calling the objection from the public regarding the marriage of the couple and if he has received any objection, he informed the parties and asks them to remove such objection. If they succeed in removing the objection then marriage will be solemnized otherwise till the objection stayed marriage can’t perform.

3.Same day marriage

This is the third way to perfome the marriage. Basically same day marriage is created by the need of the married couple, who have not enough time to perform their marriage by the above two ways. Concept of same day marriage is equal to the court marriage. Generally main purpose of the couple is getting the marriage certificate by these two ways of marriage. Because marriage certificate is very essential document these days and on the other hand, Supreme Court of India made compulsory to register the marriage that perform after the 2008 and also direct to the state to made law on compulsory marriage registration Act.

In court marriage and same day marriage parties must require the service of the expert advocate. Advocateinchandigarh have lots of experience to provide the service in court marriage and same day marriage.


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