Register marriage in chandigarh

Register marriage in chandigarh

Register Your Marriage

Love is a strong part of the marriage of a couple. If a married couple has love for each other, then the life of a married couple will run smoothly. Earlier on, the situation was different, then love is not an essential thing for performing the marriage and no question about the registering marriage was raised. At that time, the boy and girl performed the marriage on the order of their elders and after that affection was created between them and then turns of love used to come.

Now we are in the 21st century and the situation is totally different from the old days. Today, the boy and girl have the same phenomena and the same ambition. Our law is very clear if the boy and girl have a major age they can perform the marriage with own wish and nobody can stop them. For this, Govt. made the specific provision I.e. Register marriage. Now the question will arise how, where and when a couple performs the registered marriage.

Register marriage is also called court marriage. In India, marriage is performing like a festival because we are thinking that marriage is the beginning of new life for a couple as a Husband & Wife so it should be celebrated.  So this kind of marriage is the first choice of our Indian people. But register marriage is also a good choice.

How to perform a Register marriage –

For performing a register marriage couple has to follow some conditions like

  1. Apply for register marriage to the concerned officer,
  2. Both have to complete the marriageable age,
  3. Produce the relevant document like age proof, identity proof,
  4. Prepare the consent affidavit regarding the marriage
  5. Produce a witness before the concerned officer

After examining all documents concerned officer allows the couple to perform the marriage and ask them to put their signature on the marriage register.

Where you will be performing the Register marriage –

Now another question will arise, where a couple can perform the Register marriage. Register marriage has some limitation like if you want to cultural marriage, then you can perform anywhere, any place. You have no restriction. But in the case of register marriage, you have some limitation. For example, if you are residenT of Chandigarh then you can apply for register marriage in Chandigarh but in case you are from the outside of the Chandigarh and want to register the marriage here then you should produce some document regarding your residence of here at least from the last 30 days. For this, you should produce the inspection certificate/ residence certificate/verification issued from the local police authority.

When couples require/perform a Register marriage –

Sometimes register marriage not only a choice for the couple but the requirement also. Register marriage is a documentary marriage which performs by the govt. officer and marriage certificate also issued by him. This marriage certificate is a legal document as proof of marriage in evidence. Now it’s depending on the situation of the couple that their register marriage is a choice or requirement and both.

Advocateinchandigarh has the experience to handle the cases of register marriage, especially those register marriage when the Register marriage is not a choice but more of a requirement.


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