Something About Senior Advocate

Something About Senior Advocate

Numbers of  Senior Advocate

The present article is the continuation of our previous article Senior Advocate in Chandigarh. In our Punjab and Haryana high court, more than hundred practicing senior advocates and most of the senior advocate doing practice in a specific field of law like criminal, civil, service, tax, writs, divorce, rent and company matters. Out of hundreds only a few senior advocates, who are practicing in more than one field. So here are categories of the senior advocate as per their field of practice and charging of their fees for a case.

Charges of Senior Advocate

Every advocate fixed a particular amount as his professional fees and it depends upon the client that accepted or not that specific amount as a fee of an advocate or how much he will pay the advocate for his case. It’s purely depending upon the understanding of an advocate and a client. But in the case of senior advocate, they fixed their minimum charges for a case, except the minimum charges, total settle amount of fees is dependent on the value of the case, type of the case and paperwork of the case.

We already disclose the numbers of practicing senior advocates in Punjab and Haryana high court Chandigarh. Each senior advocate has specific quality and who is fit for your case, it’s your decision and if you are confused then you can ask us. As you know, also associate or relate some senior advocate of our high court.

Division of Senior Advocate

We divide into three categories to senior advocate as per their charges of fees by the class of client who engages the senior advocate for their cases or paying capacity. That division is our presumption, we can’t say its hundred percent true or applicable upon the all senior advocates, it’s totally based on our observations and comments of our associate’s advocates.

  1. Upper-class client – in this category those clients will come; engage that senior advocate who charges more than 4 lacs as a fee for a case.
  1. Upper-middle-class client- in this category, those clients will come, engage that senior advocate who charges more than 2 lacs fees for a case.
  1. Middle-class client – in this category those clients will come, engage that senior advocate who charge more than 1 lace but less than 2 laces fees for each case.

All the above, some exceptions are always there. But our aim is only to give some knowledge about the senior advocates to our visitors. In the previous article, we gave some detail about the senior advocate like who is a senior advocate, what is the meaning of senior advocate in the high court, what is their obligations, etc..

Advocateinchandigarh is a unit of advocates who works together and shares their experience of cases each other and some designated senior advocates are also part of this unit.

Advocateinchandigarh works about every category of the client and try to provide a good service on its part with the best effort.






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