Senior Advocate In High Court Chandigarh

Senior Advocate In High Court Chandigarh

Senior Advocate   An Advocate who doing the practicing in Supreme Court of India or high court of the any states of India from the last many years with the expert knowledge of in legal field and has given the good performance in each and every case and judges also appreciate his knowledge and appearance before them. In view of this, the judges of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India or High Court of the states in the reward of good knowledge and performance, invite the advocate for giving him designation of SENIOR and with the consent of advocate, he/she designated as a Senior Advocate. After that an advocate is called officially a Senior Advocate.

Generally a person has thought that an advocate who has experience of many year of practicing in the district court, high court and Supreme Court, called Senior Advocate. But it’s a difference between the most experience advocate and designated Senior Advocate.


Difference between Experienced Advocate and designated Senior Advocate –

Generally when a person asked about the any senior advocate of the court, his meaning is an advocate who has experience of practicing of many years in the court and some old by age. Because every district court has some experienced and aged advocates. But they advocates are not declared as senior advocate by any authority or judge.

A designated Senior Advocate is an advocate who recommended by the judges of the Hon’ble High Court and Supreme Court due to his knowledge and work experience. Designation is also depending of the place of the practice. If an advocate is practicing in Supreme Court with an expert knowledge, then only judges of Supreme Court can appoint him/her as designated senior advocate and if an advocate is practicing in High Court with expert knowledge then only judges of high court can appoint as designated senior advocate. Designation of Senior Advocate is only for Supreme Court or High court advocates. An advocate of district court never designate as Senior Advocate.
Purpose of distinction between Senior Advocate and others advocate –

  1. Encouraging for the advocates for doing more and more good work in legal field.
  2. For motivation and giving a role model to young advocate.

Senior Advocate in High Court Chandigarh

Like others High Court of the state, High Court of Chandigarh have the Senior Advocates and every Senior Advocate has experticing in own area like service matter, land matter, bankruptcy matter, Civil Matters and Criminal Matters. Most of the Senior Advocate involve him only in a special area and not indulge any other area of law.
A designated Senior Advocate has follow the some conditions-

  1. A Senior Advocate must appear along with a junior advocate. In other way. A Senior Advocate cannot appear without a junior advocate.
  2. A Senior Advocate cannot make a request for adjournment( only ask for a date) of the case before the bench.
  3. A Senior Advocate cannot file a case on own name, he could file a case with his junior advocate name.

Quality /obligation of Senior Advocate

Designated senior advocate don’t have direct dealing with the client. It’s a one of the quality or obligation on the senior advocate. Senior advocate always deal with the client through another advocate. First  the fact of the case read by the junior of the senior advocate after that he summarize the case to the senior advocate and after that client’s knows  the view of the Senior advocate about his case. For all this things you have to visit the office of advocate at least two times before engaging. Another words it take some time. Those people has been engaged a senior advocate they knew about this facts.
Benefit to talk to us

AdvocatInChandigarh (AIC) has the some designated senior advocate in own unit. If someone want to engaged a senior advocate, that client may sent their photocopies of the document regarding the matter by mail and any other mode to us and after consult the matter with senior advocate we delivered the words/view of the senior advocate to the client. So client will meet direct the senior advocate without wasting of time and with the view of the senior advocate about his case.

Every person who would be files a case as a petitioner or fight a case as a respondent in High Court or Supreme Court has a wish that a big advocate/ Senior Advocate will be stand on his side. Advocateinchandigarh also has some Senior Advocate in his team who are available for fighting the case for the litigants and who also guide the other team members time to time or on their requirements.

We don’t give any name of the senior advocate or any other advocate of  our unit due to the ethics reason.


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