Marriage registration is a legal Liability

Marriage registration is a legal Liability

Marriages in India take place either following the personal Law of the Religion to which a party belongs or following the provisions of the Special Marriage Act. Marriage, as per the Common Law, constitutes a contract between a man and a woman, in which the parties undertake to live together and support each other. Marriage, as a concept, is also nationally and internationally recognized.

Marriage as a Social responsibility

Marriage and the family are social institutions of vital importance. Entering into and sustaining a marriage is a matter of intense private significance to the parties to that marriage for they make a promise to one another to establish and maintain an intimate relationship for the rest of their lives which they acknowledge obliges them to support one another, to live together and to be faithful to one another. Such relationships are of profound significance to the individuals concerned. But such relationships have more than personal significance at least in part because human beings are social beings whose humanity is expressed through their relationships with others. Entering into a marriage, therefore, is to enter into a relationship that has public significance as well.

The institutions of marriage and the family are important social institutions that provide for the security, support, and companionship of members of our society and bear an important role in the rearing of children. The celebration of a marriage gives rise to moral and legal obligations, particularly the reciprocal duty of support placed upon spouses and their joint responsibility for supporting and raising children born of the marriage. These legal obligations perform an important social function. This importance is symbolically acknowledged in part by the fact that marriage is celebrated generally in a public ceremony, often before family and close friends.

Marriage as a legal responsibility

Marriage is often described as one of the basic civil rights of man/woman, which is voluntarily undertaken by the parties in public in a formal way, and once concluded, recognizes the parties as husband and wife. Three elements of common law marriage are

(1)   Agreement to be married

(2)  Living together as husband and wife,

(3) Holding out to the public that they are married.

(4) Sharing a common household and duty to live together form part of the ‘Consortium  Omnis Vitae” which obliges spouses to live together, afford each other reasonable marital privileges and rights and be honest and faithful to each other.

(5) One of the most important invariable consequences of marriage is the reciprocal support and the responsibility of maintenance of the common household, jointly and severally.

Marriage registration is compulsory action

Marriage as an institution has great legal significance and various obligations and duties flow out of the marital relationship, as per law, in the matter of inheritance of property, succession ship, etc. Marriage, therefore, involves legal requirements of formality, publicity, exclusivity and all the legal consequences flow out of that relationship. Blackjack online is truly liked on Indian gambling sites. Read this article in regard to this game and reveal blackjack game rules and determine the most liked gambling websites allowing to play it.

  • After the marriage, a woman becomes the part of the family of the man and women got the all rights on the property of the man and other things also. But when the marriage of the spouse does not commit by the consent of the family member and they don’t accept the marriage then future of the women in dark. For avoiding the situation spouse should get the register the marriage from the registrar and received a marriage certificate as a legal document.
  • Entering into a marriage, therefore, either through the Hindu Marriage Act or the Special Marriage Act or any other Personal Law, applicable to the parties, is entering into a relationship of “public significance”, since marriage being a social institution, many rights and liabilities flow out of that legal relationship. The concept of marriage as a “civil right” has been recognized by various courts all over the world and marriage registration is compulsory in all over the world. Somewhere it’s called Marriage license.

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