Love Marriage Protection From High Court Chandigarh

Love Marriage Protection From High Court Chandigarh

Marriage is a personal decision –

Marriage is a personal decision between two peoples. When a couple decides to get married to each other, then nobody has the right to interfere with them. Even their family members also. For example, A (Girl) got married last week to B (boy) who is wonderful for her.  Maybe he isn’t wonderful for everyone, but he is wonderful for her.  Maybe A is not wonderful for everyone, but she is wonderful for him. they are very compatible.

This is really kind of very personal decision. When somebody strongly opposes the marriage of a couple with violence, then the couple needs protection from them. At that time the couple needs physical as well as mental protection.

 Love Marriage protection from High Court Chandigarh –

“ Love Marriage Protection” means make the protection of two person husband and wife (Bride and bridegroom) from their relatives those are against the marriage of the couple and they have only one motive to reach the harm the newly married couple physically.

After performing the Marriage, either through the Cultural way or through the Court marriage, if the married couple has some apprehension that somebody (either the parents of the girl or parents of the boy) hurt them or create a threat to their life because they were not agreed for the marriage but still they performed. The married couple can file the petition the Honorable High court in Chandigarh for seeking the protection of life and liberty (famously known as marriage protection). The Indian constitution has given right of freedom to marry with any person of any religion and through run away marriage ( Ghar se bhag ker shadi kerna) couple fulfill their desire of marriage.

The runaway marriage & inter-caste marriage has some adverse effects like increasing the incidents of honor killing. Thus it’s more important that those couple performing marriages like that should be highly protected. Here we are discussing about the protection of life and liberty of a couple who solemnize marriage against the wishes of their parents or who plan to run from the house for getting the marriage, hence face threat to life. That couple must apply for the marriage protection from the Hon’ble high court.

Marriage is related to Fundamental Rights –

The Constitution of India Part III deals with fundamental rights. Article 14 to 18 describes about Right to Equality and Article 19 to 22 gives us Right to Freedom of life and liberty to all citizens of India, irrespective of any difference of religion, race, caste, sex, or place of birth.

It’s the fundamental right of grownups to solemnize marriage with their free will and choice. But even in spite of a lot of commercial and educational development still, fundamentalist or conservative people think it immoral. Recent incidents of Honor killing have proved it. Still, in 21st Century people think the female child as a property of the family and forget that she is a human being also has desires, ideas, dreams, and a kind heart. The law seems to be on the side of free will having married as reveals from recent judgments of the Supreme Court as well as various High Courts.

Who can apply for Marriage Protection-

Any married couple who after performing the marriage against the wish of their family members(like runaway marriage or inter-caste marriage) and having threat or fear of life and liberty from them, can move the petition before the Competent Court ( High Court) for protection of life and liberty.

What is the Protection Order?

The Competent Court (High Court) after going through the facts of the case & observing the circumstances of the married couple passed some directions to the police authorities to do the needful and after the direction of the court police take the appropriate action for the protection of the married couple.

AdvocateinChandigarh will protect the couples, especially when they are feeling helpless in their own cities.

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