Four things women going through a divorce should know

Four things women going through a divorce should know

How so ever disturbing and difficult it may sound, a divorce is the beginning of a new stage of life. Therefore, logically, you need to plan for this future well just as you planned for the marital life. In India, majority of women going through divorce are financially dependent. So, please consider these aspects of the post-separation life before you settle for anything.


• The matter of Wealth

Please discuss in detail the matter of wealth and your needs with your divorce lawyer in Chandigarh. He/she will need frankness and cooperation from your side to give you the best support. Also, try to furnish a complete or a report that closes to complete as far as your spouse’s finances are concerned. Getting an inferior deal because of your ignorance about the actual financial potential of the other party is never an option.

Also, separating accounts, insurances, Credit Cards, and other related assets will help a lot.

• Alimony: how much is too much

The best lawyers in Chandigarh, Punjab, etc. complain that they never get a well-assessed report of the assets and liabilities of their clients. They also complain that the clients lack proper knowledge about what counts as an asset or as a liability. Please discuss these matters at length with your advocate to settle for alimony. Investment issues, landed and property in precious metal – all need to be covered.

• Property Allocation

Ask your divorce advocate in Chandigarh about the property laws, when you can make a claim and how to go about doing it. Having a house in joint ownership and living in a property in the name of the in-laws are two very different propositions.

Also, consider the tax situation after you get a certain property or share. These things, however, difficult to deal with during the emotionally trying situation, must be taken care of for a secure future.

• The Child Scenario

In India, please understand there are two ways you can approach child issue after divorce: joint custody and full custody with visiting rules. Discuss with the best divorce lawyer of your choice to make a proper and well-thought decision. Remember, this will affect you as well as your child. If the child is a minor, generally speaking, the mother has a high chance of getting full custody.

Before you take any decision, please try to discuss the matter with your spouse in an unbiased way. You will be making a blunder if you neglect the matter of child support just because momentarily it feels like a great relief to win the custody.

The aim of child custody is to provide the best possible future for the child when the parents no longer make it work together. Keeping this in mind, formulate visiting schedules and relocation decisions. By no means, your judgment or the lack of it should create further disturbance in the child’s life.

These are extremely trying aspects and going through all these make the time even more difficult. Yet, the failure of one relation should never compromise the future of the future life.

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