Harassment in Private Sector

Harassment in Private Sector

With the lure of high salaries, bonuses and incentives, the bulk of our young workforce is joining the private sector. With this high reward game, come the problems of high risks.


Faced with such a situation at, a lot of us are unable to decide the course of action to pursue.

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This article deals with such scenarios and draws out potential solutions-

1. Salary Issues

Time and often it has so happened that a particular organization has promised a certain amount of salary but has failed to live up that promise while the employee has kept his share of the bargain and delivered. In such cases:

a. Talk to your boss and try and sort out the situation.

b. Give your organization some time, if they ask for it, and see if the problem gets resolved.

c. If the problem persists, consult an advocate.

d. He or she will look at the contract that was given to you.

e. He will guide you in the process of filing proper papers and register a case on your behalf.

2. Sexual Harassment

Unfortunately, this is an all too common evil that plagues our corporate culture. Be it in the form of “harmless” banter or a forceful intimidation by using the power. Whatever the severity or scope, you do not have to be a victim anymore. Remember the law is by your side and it is time to take action.


a. Talk to your human resource department if you have one and file a complaint immediately.


b. If you do not have human resource department, try and speak to a person of senior authority who can intervene and sort things out.

c. If that fails, then consult an advocate immediately.

d. He or she will stand by your side and fight for your injustice.

e. He or she will provide you with practical solutions, which will provide time bound solutions.

3. Other relevant issues

Apart from the above two problems, there are plenty of other issues that plague the life of a salaried employee in the private sector. These are problems that are related to making them over work with no extra pay or problems related to un-availability of lawfully granted leaves (like maternity leave), etc.

a. Try and see the root cause of the problem.

b. It is better to observe the frequency of the problem and see whether it is getting resolved amicable.

c. Try and talk to the management and work out a solution.

d. If all the above fail, then consult an advocate and explain the situation to him or her.

e. On hearing the case, he or she will apprise you of the law and guide you about the solutions available.


f. He or she will then try and provide the most practical solution to the problem at hand, which saves you time and money.


The problems in work life are aplenty. Having said that, there is no way that you can give it up altogether as your livelihood depends on it. We at advocate in chandigarh.will try to make your work life as smooth sailing and trouble free as possible.

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