Protect yourself with law and lawyer

Protect yourself with law and lawyer

The Indian Constitution has provided as fundamental rights to choose your livelihood, faith, place to reside and similar things that are necessary for a peaceful and happy life. If any of those things are getting violated, then you have all the rights to get justice and get your rights back as an Indian citizen.

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1. Threats and Intimidation

If you have been the subject of threats and intimidation from someone over a fundamental right that you enjoy in the country, then this is what you ought to do.

a. Consult an advocate immediately before things get out of hand.

b. Make sure to apprise the advocate fully about the situation.

c. If the need be, he or she will take out an anticipatory bail on your behalf should you be the victim of a false complaint or FIR.

d. Register a case with the Hon’ble High Court.

e. Take out the order and submit it to the local police station so that the police are forced to protect you.

2. Registration of unlawful FIR 

It is very easy to register a FIR against you at the local police station. If the person involved in registering the FIR is influential, then all the more reasons that the police station will register a case against you. What do you do then?

a. Do not be rash and try and take the law in your own hands.

b. As we the ordinary citizens of the country are unaware of our fundamental rights, and thus we are subject to such harassments.

c. Consult an advocate immediately.

d. He or she will apprise you of the law and suggest you the course of action.

e. He or she will make sure to take out a bail and release you from prison if you are locked up.

f. If need be, he or she will register a case against the party involved.

g. Finally, that he or she will assist you in quashing of the FIR.

3. Criminal Proceedings

There are times when a criminal case is registered against you. Whatever be the circumstances, make sure that you hire a top criminal advocate with proper technical knowledge and years of experience. It is advisable to make sure you get the best and for that look around until you find the right advocate to handle your case. Criminal Proceedings are tricky so proceed with caution.

a. Talk to at least three advocates before you choose.
b. Remember the thumb rule, the higher the fee of the advocate, the more successful he is. So choose wisely keeping that in mind.

c. Criminal cases require a lot of technical knowledge so make sure that you are fully aware of the proceedings.

d. Always talk to your advocate and take suggestions as to what is the next step for you people.

e. With the right advocate and right strategy, getting a criminal revision is also possible.

Whatever it is that you are finding yourself in, give us advocates in chandigarh a call. We will use our expertise and experience to get you out of trouble back to your normal life.

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