Issue related to Government Employee

Issue related to Government Employee

Are you working for the state or the central government? Then this is an article of immense importance to you. Chances are there that you will have already faced or seen people being harassed on the grounds or promotions or post-retirement benefits.


You have also seen the people affected feel very helpless and unsure as to how to go about undoing this wrong. Read to find out:

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1. Transfers

If you are a government employee, then being transferred is a part and parcel of your job. Chances are that you have already been transferred to various locations. Sometimes it is the employees themselves who want to get transferred to a certain location and sometimes they are unjustly transferred to hostile places for settling personal agenda. Sometimes, an employee is also transferred a few times too many than what is needed.


A. Whatever be your problem, it is best to talk to the person in charge of these things and get your problems sorted out amicably.


B. If the problem is sorted out, then fine. If you are still feeling aggrieved and think that you are being targeted, then you should immediately consult an advocate.


C. An advocate will help you to know your rights and guide you in registering a case in the Honourable High Court.


D. Not only that, he will take in upon himself to argue your case and reach it to its ultimate conclusion.

2. Promotion

There are numerous examples or instances where your subordinate gets promoted and you miss out on a legitimate promotion. Again first talk it out with the person concerned and see if there is any reason why you were not promoted. If you realize that you have been wronged then.

A. Immediately consult an advocate who has experience in handling such matters.

B. He will study your case and offer you practical advice on how to approach this matter.

C. He will register a case on your behalf at the Hon’ble High Court and apprise you of the situation.

D. He will take the case to a meaningful conclusion.

3. Matters Related to Post Retirement Benefits

The most important thing that separates a government job to a private job is the guarantee of the post-retirement benefits. Being a government employee, you are entitled to such benefits. Having said that there are plentiful occasions when these benefits are withheld for no apparent fault of your own. Mostly to settle personal vendettas, these kinds of heinous acts are done.


A. Talk to the person in charge of discharging post-retirement benefits paperwork and make sure there are no legitimate technical grounds on which your benefits are being stopped.


B. Upon completion of that task and if you are still not getting your benefits, consult an advocate immediately.


C. He will register a case on your behalf at the Hon’ble High Court and guide you to its fruitful conclusion.


You are providing a noble service to the nation as a government employee. We at advocates in chandigarh would make sure that you are protected at all cost.

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