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Major steps of court marriage in chandigarh

  • When you found love of your life and want to spend your  rest of life with one him/her, its time to get married. If you and your beloved have decided to tie the knot, this is the article for you.
  • Court marriage:

  • In present scenario majority marriages in India are solemnized through arrange marriage. But the persons who are not able to convince their parents about a particular soul mate adopted the way of court marriage. The caste system is still rigidly followed in India and the parents don’t allow their children to solemnize marriage with a person of other caste. India is multicultural country and Due to rise in educational level and increased contact among opposite sex paves the way in raising interaction among members of different communities and as a result leads to court marriage.
  • Although  its  21th century is computer era but court marriage is still a tough job. The Special Marriage Act 1954 prescribes a way to solemnize court marriage in the court of District Magistrate (D. C.) but this did not suits to eloping couples. Because everyone wants to pass in first attempt,  having a fear that if failed once may not repeat again.
  • The major steps of court marriage-

  • Marriage can be solemnized at the residential district of either party to marriage or at district residing since month, the persons fear that if anyone noticed them it will cause a hindrance in their marriage.
  • The notice of intended court marriage is posted at the notice board for a month, a notice is also issued to parents of each party to marriage and notice is also published in two leading news papers of region.
  • Thirdly solemnizing court marriage under Special Marriage Act 1954 will requires the visit of court marriage couple basically two time, once at the time of presentation of petition for court marriage secondly at the time of solemnization ceremony. But in reality you may have to visit many a times because the District Magistrate is very busy person having lot of responsibilities he may not meet you the day you go to court and therefore you may have to visit gain and again.
  • For solemnizing court marriage under special marriage act you need three witnesses and a person identifying you. Your Advocate may identify you but need of three witnesses still remain.
  •  The marriage solemnized under Special Marriage Act 1954 did not has any provision for security or police protection of court marriage couple. The rise in incidents of honour killing prove that police protection is also that much important as court marriage.
  • Present picture of court marriage:-

  • So every person thinking about court marriage doesn’t want to follow the procedure which may shatter their dream permanently. The persons thinking about court marriage wants that the marriage procedure should complete in a short span of time and police protection should be provided to them. Presently the persons thinking about court marriage solemnize their marriage in a Mandir, Gurudawra, Church or Mosque run by a reputed trust or society registered and they move to jurisdictional High Court for filling protection petition ( if they desire) And the Hon’ble High Court after their satisfaction issue directions to concerned superintendent of police to protect the life and liberty of court marriage couple.
  • It’s important to know that the place where the marriage ceremony is taking place is recognized or not. It’s must that the Mandir, Gurudawra, Church or Mosque should be registered maintaining records of marriages solemnized by them. Recently the Punjab and Haryana High Court deciding a petition for protection strictly held strict action should be taken against the persons running marriages shops without verifying the age of marriage couple and thereby following the illegal procedure and also banned   the some of the institution who performed the marriage without authorization.
  • So by this way a person thinking about court marriage can escape themselves from the weaknesses of court marriage and live a comfortable and prosperous life with their soul Mate. A new married life is like a brittle relationship, but only respect and love can make it strong for forever.
  • What Results People Expect after Court Marriage Every person grows with a dream that one day a Princess or Prince will come to give her/him joy of Heaven. Although we are in twenty first century but still the Indian society is a rigid and conservative in respect of solemnizing marriage against the wishes of parents. But history repeats itself and instead of restriction, hurdles, honour killing incidents, fear the person in true love proceed ahead and performs court Marriage which is his constitutional right conferred by law itself.
  • Every one dreaming about court marriage expect:- 

  • Police Protection:-
  • Its natural that After court marriage you will have to face the anger of your families because parents feels that their honour has ruined due to court marriage and sometimes in anger they go ahead up to honour killing. Its duty  of Administration to save the life and liberty of court marriage couple which every couple expects. If we solemnize court marriage under the assistance of proper lawyer he always does proper arrangements for police protection till you need.
  • Notice of Intended Marriage:

  • Every court marriage couple did not wants that notice should be sent to their respective parents, there they expects that such a procedure should be adopted where notice should not be given to parents. The persons thinking about court marriage fear that may someone see their picture on the notice board, may their parents permanently stop them going out of home. So many questions arise in the mind of couples thinking about court marriage which are genuine also.
  • Order should be given immediately:-

  • Every court marriage couple expects they court orders should be handed over to them immediately without any delay.
  • Summing up the court marriage couple expects that Lawyer, Advocate providing them legal services should act like a family member, so that they can share each and every thing with him. And after the completion of all procedure they can lead a comfortable life without any fear and stress.

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