Police protection From High Court

Police protection From High Court

For a human, life is a prime thing. If a person has a safe life, he do anything for him, family and society and a safe and peaceful life is matter of right. A state has responsibility to provide a safe and peaceful atmosphere to the people of the area. For this state create the agency of Police. Police is duty bound to provide a peaceful and a safe life to each and every people. That why when a crime is happened in the any area of the society police will come on the spot and take the charge of the situation in his hand. A one incident of crime is in the area is failure for the police because its duty of the police to stop the crime and any other bad incident which against the law.

Police protection From High Court

Police has lots of responsibility and due to this police could not give the protection to each and every person on personal level. But some time person needs special protection of life in particular circumstances and person move the application to the concerned area of police station for providing the adequate protection for a specific period. If police found that the reason of the person is genuine and feel that must need a special protection, then police gave him the protection. But some time police reject the application or not responding the application, person can approach the higher rank of the police officer like superintendent of police and Commissioner of police.

Power of High Court

After the police, a person can approach the High Court of the state for providing the adequate protection for security of life and liberty. High court has inherent power under the section 482 of the Cr.p.c. in this section Hon’ble High Court of the State has vest power and using of this power Hon’ble High court entertain the petition of the protection of life and liberty of the petitioner. In the Petition of the protection , Petitioner have to mention the reason for providing the protection and Court will go through the all petition and put the some question to the petitioner and if court is satisfied from the plea of the petitioner, court direct the police official to provide the adequate protection to the petitioner.

Some situation in which person demand for police protection

The main aim of the police is providing the protection of life and liberty of the all people of the area. If police provide the special protection to any one person without any reason then others person will demand the same kind of protection and that will be not possible for police. So police could provide special protection in some special circumstances.


  • To runaway married couple – Today we are live in 21th century, but some of the people of our society lives with the orthodox thought and till they are anti of the love marriage. If a young couple show t heir wish to solemnize the marriage with each other due to love, Firstly they didn’t agree for marriage and secondly giving the threat of life to the young couple. We all know and read in newspapers that how many couple died due to this reason. So a couple who received a threat of life like this even from family member could not take it easy. They must approach the police for protection first and after that file the petition for life and liberty in the High Court of the State for remedy.



  • When received a threat from a person who has criminal back ground – some time a person who got the threat of life from another person due to the some personal difference and if he will approach the police for protection from him. Police can’t provide the person protection only make the base of this incident and on the other hand if that person has some criminal back ground and already committed the same incident and will complete the his threat. First police tried to arrest the person who give the threat and in case police could not arrest the person till provide the protection to the person who got the threat.



If police not provide the protection to any needy person due to any reason, person can approach the Hon’ble high Court. High Court took a lenient view in kind of matter because this matter of right. Our constitution provides the right of each and every citizen of Indian of life and liberty.

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