Understanding Fraud/forgery implications to win against accusations

Understanding Fraud/forgery implications to win against accusations

Being accused of fraud in today’s society can bring some of the most severe punishments, legally and socially. The stigma that surrounds a person accused of fraud is lasting, and therefore, consequential. Knowing what counts as fraud and how criminal lawyers in Chandigarh can help in the situation will get you some ideas about getting started with the legal procedure.


The most important aspect in any criminal case in India is, however, the understanding of the act under which the accusation has been filed. This simple yet crucial consideration needs the utmost care and careful handling. Please consider these before you select your defense against fraud advocate.

• Understanding Fraud

The Contract Law of 1872 defines what constitutes of fraud in proper terms. According to the law:

a) If you suggest a fact that is untrue or you don’t believe it to be true, or

b) If you hide a fact with the knowledge or believing in fact, or

c) If you make a promise without the intention of keeping it, or

d) If you perform any act of deceiving, or

e) If you keep some facts from others’ knowledge that could prove to be fraudulent,

Your act will be counted as a fraud. As you can see, each of these points needs to be clarified and handled with a professional understanding of the law. Relying on the best criminal advocate in Chandigarh is the best way to get a clear and winning defense.

• Forgery in detail

According to the Indian Penal Code, you have committed forgery if you made any false document or part of it to

a) Damage or injure a person or public

b) Support some claim or title

c) Make someone leave his/her property – these are the major punishable offenses categorized as a forgery.

This, again, is a matter of professional consideration. A thorough discussion with any good criminal lawyer in Chandigarh will help you get the right perspective about the situation.

• The Time Factor

In most cases, the defendant gets a time frame to present his/her case or act to fulfill the promise. So, please do not waste any time when considering about getting professional help. The most common complaint that the very best criminal lawyers in Chandigarh make is that they don’t get time to prepare the case. Please note that losing time may lead to the loss of evidence for your claim. When witnesses are involved, you must note that memory tends to fade with time.

In the case of dishonor of cheques, for example, if you fulfill the payment duties within 15 days of the accusation, no criminal charges will be held against you.

In most cases, the accusation of fraud and forgery create a lot of stress and difficulty. Having the best criminal lawyers in Chandigarh to handle your case will not only help you legally but also their experience will help you tackle the out-of-the-court judgments better. When selecting the advocate, please keep in mind that those who practice your kind of cases, regularly and exclusively, will help you the best.

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