Criminal Case Revision: Hire the Best Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh

Criminal Case Revision: Hire the Best Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh

India has one of the most thorough Constitutions in the world. And being the largest democracy, Indian citizens enjoy the privilege of certain rights, which make the law and order scenario in India a bright one in the whole world.

The review petition is such a rare privilege. Taking the complexity of Indian society, the nature of crimes and people involved into account and considering the spirit of true democracy, one can file a review petition against a binding order of the Supreme or any High Court in India.


In case you wish to file such a petition, there are some basics that you need to know and any good criminal lawyer in Chandigarh will help you with the procedure.

• The Premises

Under article 137 on the Indian Constitution, the Supreme Court has the sole power to review any judgment taken by the same. A petition for review has to be recorded within 30 days of the original judgment.

Sometimes the nature of the case and the verdict dismiss the need of the review petition. Then again, in the spirit of honesty and democracy, the Supreme Court can have a Curative Petition as a tool to prevent any miscarriage of justice.

• Knowing what you’re looking for

Any verdict in the court of law has an immense bearing in our lives. Before you decide to file a review petition, discuss the subject with the top criminal lawyers in Chandigarh to identify the grounds on which you will be filing the petition.

Miscarriage of justice is a matter of serious legal considerations. Therefore, rely on the judgment of your advocate to settle for the best.

• The Ground

When you are sure about filing a review petition, any good criminal advocate will guide and explain to you that only an error of record can be a legal ground for filing the review petition in a criminal case.

This may seem to limit regarding the scope of a review petition, yet the best criminal lawyers in Chandigarh can find enough legal ways to build a case, which can lead you towards your preferred judgment.

• Other considerations

In India, the criminal law is one of the most convoluted chapters of the constitution. That’s why understanding the implications and accusations in-depth play an essential role in the defense. Your advocate will not only build a case that presents your point of view in a legally favorable way, he/she will also help you find the requisite facts and evidence to support your action regarding the case.

The top criminal lawyers in Chandigarh take time to build a case that, in all probability, will help you win. All said one has to understand that the verdict of the court is a matter out the control of the parties and the advocates.

The Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 forms the backbone in all criminal cases in India. With the right advocate and the right understanding between you and your advocate, the review petition in criminal cases can be seen as a winning event.

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