What Do Law states About the Cyber Crime In India?

What Do Law states About the Cyber Crime In India?

If we talk about the rape and cyber crime, we cannot say that one is more severe than the other. The truth is that both have equally grave consequences and so are equally grave too. This can be extremely traumatizing for the victimized women which can cause them mental anguish and an adverse psychological impact.


Starting from the cyber stalking, pornography, defamation, morphing and email spoofing cyber crime has extended to the cyber eve teasing, flirting, cheating and cyber flames etc. These are all can be considered as “vegetable offenses” for many as there is no physical harm associated with it but if we look at the impact of the same, these too can severely impede the consciousness of the people. But with the Information technology Act (amended) 2008 new chapter has been opened in the law against cyber crime.

This act has in its purview offensive messages like cyber bullying, cyber flame, defamation and even eve teasing. Also is included identity theft which comes under the section 66 C. In fact cheating by impersonation is also incorporated. Under this section any person found guilty of inducing people to play malicious games in their matrimonial forums, chatting rooms and social networking sites are liable to be punished.


But if we read this act too, there are many in discrepancies left in the act which could impede the justice. Still by adding more cyber harassment and crimes victimized women can still stand against their harasser and file complaint against their harasser.

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