Protection of Children Against Sexual Offenses: 2011

Protection of Children Against Sexual Offenses: 2011

Child sexual abuse cases are very frequent in India. Though many acts were passed yet no concrete results are seen in sight. Still children continue to be vulnerable to the sexual abuses.
It was only in 2011, that amended to the previous acts was announced as the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offensive Bill, 2011 was successfully presented.


The legislation specially handles the cases of child abuse pertaining to sexual assault, molestation, harassment as well as molestation. This new bill confirms punishment to the accused with the imprisonment of three years to five years and a fine. While accused found in sex sexual assault to the minor of below 12 years is liable for punishment for between five to seven years, the same can be extended to ten years life imprisonment and also a fine in case of a penetrative assault to the minor.

In case accused is found guilty of using minor for pornography, he can be placed behind bars for five years which can be increased to seven years including fine.
Looking at the sensitivity of the cases the proposed legislation hopes to handle the cases with the help of in-camera trial and special courts.


At least this act is a ray of hope for the victims, and any guardian or a person of a victim of a child can move the court as per the provision of the act against the accused. However as per the activists, the bill should also have provision for the rehabilitating of the abused victims. Along with it psycho social aspects of the child should also have been taken into consideration.

The passing of the bill can at least give a sigh of relief to these children.

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