a goverment service and their issues

a goverment service and their issues

A government employee is called a public servant .Because every state government have many agencies or offices to serve the public as per their needs. The government selected the candidate by took the written exam and interview base and after that appoint the candidate as employee of govt. and direct him for serving the public. Every state has create own agency for giving the facilitation to the Public. Position of a government employee is different from a person who doing a private job. In government office employee give the service direct or indirect to the public, that’s why he called public servant.

Termination of Employment

Government employees, work in a variety of fields such as teaching, HealthCare, sanitation, management and administration for the central Government or state government. Every dept. establishes basic condition for employment of such as compliance with minimal age and educational requirements on the behalf of the government. A government employee enjoys the some facility also like job security, promotion, educational opportunities, comprehensive medical insurance coverage and pension and other benefits often not provided in comparable positions in private employment.


Every government agencies and offices preparing the seniority list of the employee after a minimum interval of time and same seniority list will distribute between the employee for their objections and after that same seniority list will become final. For an Employee promotion is very essential thing in his service. A employee can’t claim the promotion as a matter of right but instead of a senior employee when a junior get the promotion, in that case senior employee can challenge the promotion of the junior before the dept. and if he is not satisfied the decision of the dept. then senior employee can challenge the decision of the dept. as well as promotion of the junior employee also. Like that the issue of promotion, a government employee have to face the many other issues during the his service time in the dept.. or after the retirement of the service  for example during transfer issue, seniority issue, promotion issue, pay scale issue etc..And after retirement issue related pension, gratuity, provident fund etc.. all this issue between the employee and dept. if not settled between each other then employee can approach the High Court with filling of a writ against the dept.

High Court Chandigarh

If the employee is working under the Punjab or Haryana govt. and aggrieved with the any decision of the dept. and on the prayer of the employee, issue did not sought by the dept or after the decision of the dept. employee still feel aggrieved, then he will approach the High Court Chandigarh and if the employee working under the central govt. he can approach the CAT (Central administrative tribunal) Chandigarh.


BY way of filling the writ a govt. employee can approach the High Court for his grievance. This kind of case called is service matter in the High Court. High Court has power to direct the state or his dept. if court found something wrong on the record. The state or dept. are bound to follow the order of the High Court and if they failed to compliance of order within limited period then contemt notice will be issued against the Head of the Dept.. Supreme Court of India and High Court of the our states already passed the many of the judgment in the favour of the employees.

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