Marriage is an Institution  

Marriage is a divine institution. If marriage were of human origin, then human beings would have a right to decide the kind of marital relationships to choose. Marriage, however, began with God. It was established by God at the beginning of human history when He “created the heavens and the earth”. As the Creator of marriage, God has the right to tell us which principles should govern our marital relationships.

If God had left us no instructions about marriage after establishing it, then marriage could be regulated according to personal whims (choice). But He has not left us in the dark. God designed woman to be man’s suitable helper, or literally, “a helper agreeing to him.” Eve was created to be Adam’s other half approximating him in every point and making the marriage union a complete whole. She was not created to be man’s slave, but rather his helper. The word “helper” is used in the Bible also for God as the helper of the needy, thus it does not imply that woman is an inferior being. She is equal in nature and worth, reflecting the same divine image. Yet she is different in function, serving as a supportive helper.

Difference between Marriage’s institution and other institution

Beginning of human life from learning of education, start from the school and after that college and after that experience of life.  Between the process of learning and gaining the experience of work, one most important thing comes in the life of a person is Marriage. Because without the marriage, the life of a person will not be complete. Institution of marriage is the creation of GOD and nobody can deny this fact.

In educational institution person took the admission alone as a student and start the process of learning from the school, completing the school after that entered in the college life for higher education and earns a certificates/degree of qualification. After earning the qualification a student got a degree and that degree is the symbol of his/her hard work and also is a success. In the marriage institution, everything is opposite,  two persons( male and female) together took admission in the marriage’s institution by solemnizing the marriage ceremony and register the marriage and got a marriage certificate and after that whole life leaving and learning in the marriage institution. This marriage certificate is also called the degree of marriage because this gives the authenticity of your marriage.

Relationship between Education Certificate/Degree and Marriage Certificate –

After spending 20-22 years of the life, a person earns the education’s certificates and these certificates is the cruxes of his or her life and only on the basis of these certificates he/she can think about his/her carrier or future and same certificates are the face of the person and on the basis of this person got good job and good salary. But you don’t have a certificate, no matter how much you qualified. The same thing you can say about the marriage certificate, today phenomena of the marriage is something changes because earlier the marriage is the prestigious issue for the both of the family and they don’t think about the boy and girl and everything is under the control of the parents.

But today’s youth have some different view about the marriage, this is doesn’t mean that youth have some less respect about the marriage’s institution, in fact, today youth more conscious about the marriage and life partner and giving the respect to the marriage institution he/she would choose own partner himself/herself and if anybody doesn’t agree with their choice, they don’t bother about them and ready to take necessary action to perform the marriage by own choice either through the cultural way or through the Court marriage. And at this stage marriage certificate give more weight to their decision. After performing the marriage with or without the consent of the parents if the couple registers their marriage, then this marriage will gain social as well as legal value and nobody can challenge the marriage. Even those couple who are interested to live abroad is possible only on the basis of this certificate law of that country gives you living right as a husband and wife.

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