• Senior advocate- A spirit of good fight


  • Why need a senior advocate in case?  People must be heard about the some famous cases like Asaram bapu case, Manu verma case , Narayan sai case, Jayalalita case, Lalu parasad case and many more cases of India. In all the cases, one thing is common that all the accused person hired designated senior advocate in thier case. In Chandigarh you also heard about latest case of  Sant Ram pal case, IG Cheema case. Retd.  Justice Nirmal yadav case in all these cases  only one common thing is that all the parties of the case engage Senior Advocate.
  • All the above case are famous and media trail case and  the facts of the cases  disclosed before the public by the media and as per the facts and all heard about the facts and our simple opinion is person who facing the trial will be convicted. In some cases person had been convicted and some cases are pending in the court. But all the above person, tried their best for proving innocent himself by appointing a designated senior advocate.

      Law has many technicalities and nobody can presume the result of the case if a case is bad in eyes of law but have some point in the favour of the petitioner on fact and                   techniques.

  • Quality of convincing power
  • No doubt, every senior advocate has some special quality other than the all advocates. One of the most special quality is convincing power.  In high court case is fought on the argument base and no evidence is conducted. When person lost his case in lower court and come high court in appeal then at the time of argument all the evidence of the case again read by the court and on the basis of the evidence, High court give his verdict. Now the question is once the lower courts pronounce the judgment against the petitioner then how the high court can change the order on the basis of same evidence. Interpretation of the evidence and technicalities of the law of evidence and convince the court on the weakness of evidence, misread and wrong interpretation by the lower court. A senior advocate has good command of law and also a good interpreter.
  • Fee structure
  • Our aim is, give the complete detail about the senior advocate to our viewer. Fees structure of the senior advocate is high as compare to the other advocate due to their standing experience, image before the bench (judges), deep knowledge in special area. Even govt. also engages the senior advocate in special cases on their fees structure. All the state govt. appoints a senior advocate as Advocate General. (Advocate general, who deal with the cases on the behalf of the state and legal advisor of the CM of the state).
  • Benefit of contact with advocateinchandigarh
  • has the some designated senior advocate in own unit. If someone want to engaged a senior advocate, that client may sent their photocopies of the document regarding the matter by mail and any other mode to us and after consulting matter with the senior advocate, we delivered the words/view of the senior advocate to the client. So client will meet direct the senior advocate without wasting of time and with the view of the senior advocate about his case and fees also charged some lower side.
  • Senior Advocate with Advocateinchandigarh


AdvocateinChandigarh has some senior advocate, who are part of our team. Advocateinchandigarh has expert of all area of senior advocate like service matter, criminal matter and civil matter.

We don’t give any name of the senior advocate or any other advocate due to the ethics reason.


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