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A Marriage In Chandigarh

A Marriage In Chandigarh

Marriage  is always solemnized at the two places 1. Where boy is residing,   2.  Where girl is residing. For example if boy is resided Amritsar or girl is resided Ludhiana then marriage will be solemnize either Amritsar or Ludhiana, not any other place (in exception of any special circumstances). Choice of place of marriage is depend upon the both of side and for which place both sides are agreed marriage will solemnized at that place. This very common things and everybody knows. Same formula will apply in the Court marriage or registration of marriage. A court marriage will be perform before the registrar in Chandigarh or in others districts of Punjab and Haryana before the Tahsildar or any other Gazetted officer which was appointed by the State Govt.

Court marriage  whoever wants perform the court marriage that will be follow the rule or procedure of Court marriage. Every marriage registrar have jurisdiction of area and beyond the jurisdiction he can’t use his power. For example if boy is residing Ropar and girl is belong to some other district and they want to perform court marriage in Chandigarh then marriage registrar not allow to do so or in case he allowed the couple for marriage he mark the police enquiry and after that police visited the house of the couple and prepare the report and submitted the marriage registrar. So in other words it’s not possible for those couple who came runaway from the house practically. A boy or girl (any one) must show his/her residence in the Chandigarh otherwise they are unable to perform the Court marriage.

Except the Court marriage, if a marriageable couple wants perform their marriage anywhere in India, They Can. Here we talk about those couple who run or have to run from the home for performing the marriage against the wish of their parents and they also know that they could not do this in own city. The parents have many reason to deny the couple for this marriage inter-caste, status symbol, un-educated, background, religion and many more other reasons. Per who kahte hain na “jab ladka- ladki razi to kya kerega kazzi”.

Run-away Couple it is truth that it is not easy to run/flee from the home for a couple and after that make the arrangement for the marriage. Because they know when they flee/run from the home, their family members also immediately start searching   for them everywhere as per their ideas. In this situation, they will not take any risk of their life and love and they needs someone who will ready for them to make easy everything. Most of the run-away couple come in Chandigarh for performing the marriage and taking protection from their family members because everybody know that Chandigarh is the most safer city both of the states (Pb and Haryana), not even in the both states, in India also.

Run-away Couple or any couple performs their marriage in any temple and Gurudawra of the any city in the presence of the priest even they are belong to inter-caste. But when they are belonging to different- different religion, in that case first they perform the conversion ceremony. For example if boy is Hindu or girl is Muslim or vice-versa. Then either boy will change is religion or girl will change is religion because without conversion marriage not called a valid marriage.

We should give the respect to emotion of everybody and Advocateinchandigarh also give the respect of the emotion of  everybody i.e. run-away couple as well as family member of the couple. But our law is very clear that when a boy of 21 years and girl of 18 years age want to do marriage with each other, They Can and anybody who will stop them to do the same ,it’s against the law.

High Court Chandigarh

If a couple decide to marry against wish of the family and have a any doubt that prior to or after the perform the marriage their family member may harm them and try to harm them. In this situation they should approach the Hon’ble High court. Hon’ble High Court has power to direct the police to protect the life and Liberty of the married couple even on only doubt of the couple. has experience to attend the matter of the runaway marriage couple.  always ready to give assistance in your matter and clear your view on any legal issue.





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